Key themes: Alchemy, self-love adventures and new horizons

Dear Aries, your November Astro calendar is packed with fire, adventure and expansion. You’re officially made it out of eclipse season, and what tends to unfold here – as the dust begins to settle, is an adjustment period. You’re awakening to find yourself in a new world, whatever that means for you. Perhaps you’ve gone through significant life changes over the last month, or maybe your perceptions have simply shifted. Either way, as you familiarize yourself with your new (current) normal, ground, and find your footing… the tempo will begin to ramp up. November astrology says it’s all systems go.

You’ll feel this almost immediately with Saturn going direct in Pisces on November 4th, wrapping up a retrograde which began in June this year. As well as ruling spheres like wealth, finance and career… this planet reflects the ways that we parent ourselves, as well as the flavors of conditioning we received from our authority figures and society growing up. While Saturn does have a practical orientation, because its current transit moves through your sector of spirituality, its impact on you will have more of an existential feel. Here, you’re encouraged to reflect on how you “work.” How can you treat yourself more lovingly, create meaningfully, honor your responsibilities, achieve your key goals, and thrive in a material way? Now direct, the Piscean influence on all the above will reveal that when it comes to manifestation, your inner and outer worlds are more interconnected than perhaps you’ve previously known.

On November 13th a New Moon takes place in Scorpio, marking one of the most transformative “new beginning” portals of the lunar calendar. Scorpio is all about getting to the depths of our beings, relationships, and the layers of life itself. In other words Aries, this Moon encourages you to explore the places that you don’t usually visit within yourself. It’s a time to ask yourself some big questions, and nudge past that which you may usually suppress. If you feel ready, gently (and from a witness perspective); observe your fears, any envy, grudges or resentment that you’re carrying. Charged with mutable energy, this New Moon is an opportunity for alchemy Aries. Ask the universe what’s ready to change shape in your life, who needs to be released, or what can be transformed…

Scorpio season is flavoring the month with this alchemical process of healing, purging, releasing all the way up until November 22nd, when the Sun enters Sagittarius (with Mars joining a few days later on November 24th). An exciting time, Sagittarian energy feels very familiar to you; playful, full of movement, and not too dense. It’s all about honoring your sovereign journey, plus finding the meaning, purpose and magic that connects the dots.

Ceres, the asteroid of nurturance will enter Sagittarius on November 25th, and with this you’re reminded that self-love takes many forms, including taking leaps of faith, expanding boundaries, honoring impulses, and breaking free of your comfort zone. Despite what you may have been told, the conventional path is by no means always appropriate. Adventuring and finding the freedom to be yourself, is also a self-loving choice – particularly for fire signs such as yourself!

A Full Moon on November 27th unfolds in the sign of the eternal student, Gemini. Because Full Moons reflect times of culmination and letting go, it may be worth identifying and examining any detrimental mental habits that you’re ready to release. This might mean reducing your time on social media, checking your phone less, or even setting some firm boundaries with family/friends. Trust that your gut can reveal your needs Aries!