KnowCapricorn March 21 – March 27

Wow, that Full Moon in Virgo was intense, we may still be recuperating from all that was, consciously or unconsciously, released. But, now that the new zodiac year has finally begun, things are coming into motion and it’ll be easier to get a fresh start. For you Capricorn, it may be a time to actively relax. Spend time with your family. Dig into your roots. Whether it’s investigating your lineage, asking your pop-pop and meemaw about the past, or just connecting with your body and it’s movement and all of the memory that it holds within. Nurture yourself. Protect yourself from the conditionings that you no longer want for your life. On Friday we have the Waning Quarter Moon in your sign. Check in to see what new people or information was coming into your world around the 17th. How has this transformed who you are? We end the week with Mercury entering Aries, inviting you to have healing and restoring conversations with your family and your ancestors.

KnowCapricorn March 14 – March 20

That’s a wrap Skymates! This week starts with a Leo Moon evoking a childlike sense of excitement and renewal. Perfect, as this powerful week is the last of the astrological year. This means we’ll be experiencing both a build-up, and a beautiful sense of coming full circle. With our final Full Moon on Friday, and the Sun launching us into the new astrological year on Sunday – this week is one for tying up loose ends, reflection and gratitude. Capricorn, the Lunar axis of this Full Moon reminds you to maintain balance between the structures of your daily life, and the spiritual/emotional realms. This will be a wonderful time to implement new practices that nurture this harmony; a daily gratitude practice, meditation schedule, weekly to-do lists and so on. Within the whole zodiac wheel, balance is key – and you’re ready for more of it.

KnowCapricorn March 7 – March 13

Capricorn, now that Venus and Mars have both left your sign and entered Aquarius, you’re being asked to focus on your financial and emotional needs. You can start by decreasing the amount of duties you put on your plate since the year begins. You don’t have to do as much as you’ve been doing. You’ll breathe easy as you decide to consciously do less. While Tuesday – Friday you may feel a bit all over the place due to the Gemini Moon and all the air sign placements in the cosmos, by this weekend the Cancer Moon may have you cuddling with your lover, or calling your crush in order to transform them into your lover through radical honesty and courage. I love this for you!

@KnowCapricorn Weekly Scope 2.28 – 3.6

Capricorn, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of communication. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, your self-worth may be kind of wobbly due to financial worries. Instead of wasting time stressing, put your energy into researching new money-making ideas. The New Moon in Pisces is inviting you to have sweet and heart-centered conversations. Attune yourself to the kindness that is available in your day-to-day. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto in your sign, aligning you with your power of creation, and of destruction. So, be extra conscious of how you use your power. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, and it’s a nice time to blog, podcast, tweet. Find any channel for your inspirational musings to flow through. Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality with your resources.

@KnowCapricorn Weekly Scope 2.21 – 2.27

Capricorn, this week brings with it a sense of  deep renewal and spaciousness. There’s a divine healing energy here, as the Sun shifts through the final zodiac sign of Pisces and towards the conclusion of the astrological year. We’re collectively entering more watery realms of spirit, and connection to our own inner magic. This energy could enter our work spheres, as Mars forms a harmonious connection to Neptune. Plus, on Thursday we officially wrap up the post-shadow phase of our Mercury retrograde (which took place in your sign) – bringing waves of clarity and momentum. Capricorn, if you pay close attention to the details of your inner and worlds, you might notice an increase in synchronicity over the next few weeks. If you’ve been feeling at all stagnant or unmotivated, it’s time to shift your energy from pure logic, into your heart and intuition. Surrender to your natural flow for a while, and notice the abundance that flows through.

@KnowCapricorn Weekly Scope 2.14 – 2.20

Capricorn, welcome to a full moon week! Wednesday’s Leo Full Moon illuminates us to the talents, passions, and desires that exist within us. It’s time to let your light shine, skymate. Shine brightly for all to see. Capricorn, this week’s energy is about letting your inner guidance lead the way. You’re deepening your ability to trust your instincts, especially now that Mercury is in Aquarius and activating your sector of security. As you detach from the need to always be in control, you’ll notice higher dimensions of thinking and living permeating in your subconscious mind. Quiet excess noise and use this full moon week to tap into your inner knowing.