@KnowScorpio Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Venus passes the North Node this week in your sector of shadow work and shared resources, scorpio, an alignment that adds some delicious fuel to the flame of your rebirth and ascension. Most of this will come from your ability to accept that people want to invest in you, your growth, and your success with no strings attached. This is the love you know you deserve, but it’s important that your grip on it isn’t too tight. Half the process of ascending is allowing yourself to get grounded as well, so take it as it comes with gratitude without irrationally fearing the loss of it.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Love comes in many languages and dialects, Pisces, and as Venus passes over the North Node in your sector of home and family, you may notice love being expressed in some very new and unfamiliar ways. Before you turn your nose up at this, remember that everyone is raised with a different idea of love, only to then translate it into their own expression over time, which you can do too! Check in with how you may be anchoring yourself into what’s familiar, and maybe open yourself up to learn a thing or two about how many different ways of saying “I love you” there really are.

@KnowAquarius Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Venus passes over the North Node in your sector of play and true love this week, an incredibly exciting alignment that puts ease and romance to the forefront of your life again. As this alignment pulls you into more easily envisioning a rose-tinted future, take some time to accept that you deserve it before eclipse season comes around to give it to you. The more you remain open to love being light, easy, and healthy for you, the easier it will be for you to then position yourself to nourish and protect it.

@KnowCapricorn Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

In the week before eclipse season and retrograde season kick off for real, it’s important that you can allow yourself to rest and refuel a bit, Capricorn. Venus passes over the North Node in your sector of health and day to day routines, which help you to get ahead in your to-do lists. This will leave you some extra time to chill, so use it for just that – chillin’. You’ll be glad you did because once eclipse season comes next week, it’ll be time to set off on another climb.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Venus meets with the North Node in your sector of partnerships and relationships this week Sag, which means that as you level up with this upcoming eclipse season, so will your closest partners and allies. As exciting as this is, it’s important that you communicate clearly and openly about each step of this process so that you can experience both mutual growth and mutual understanding. Your job is not to hold their hand on the way to the top – but if you plan to go together, it helps to be on the same page about how.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

The knowledge you have now is enough to keep you steady, but if it’s growth you want Libra, you may need to open yourself up to the adventure of gaining some more hands-on experience. Venus passes over the North Node this week in your sector of expansion and philosophy, which can help you establish a mind-body connection to the skill that really holds your attention. There’s only so much you can learn from reading about it, so set your sights on getting a foot in the door to doing it yourself so that the worth of what you know can also steadily go up in value.