Dear Capricorn, as the Moon meets the South Node on the 27th, it poses the question: what has reached its limit within your professional life? What roles have you outgrown from? What public offerings are no longer yours to give? What responsibilities is it time for you to delegate? This will be a big part of the theme for the rest of 2024, so think about where you’d like to be career wise once 2025 comes through. Work on shedding what has nothing to do with that vision. On the 28th, a pretty auspicious alignment is going to occur when both Mercury and Saturn find themselves within the heart of the Sun in your area of daily routines and your immediate environment. The way in which you’ll be able to find magic within even the most minute details of your daily life may astound you. No matter how often you’ve taken the same route to work, something new is bound to open the floodgates of your imagination. Make room for new discoveries within the mundane. As the week comes to an end with the Last Quarter Moon in Sag, pay attention to the transmissions you’re gathering from within the private chambers of your psyche. Where is your mind wandering off to when you give yourself space to dream?