How are you feeling in the afterglow of the Pisces New Moon, dear Capricorn? Don’t shy away from conversations that soothe. Pay attention to the messages that remind you to take care of yourself throughout the process of learning more about your healing journey, this is your medicine. There’s already a lot going on within your communication sector with the Sun, Saturn (your ruler) and Neptune here, and come the 11th, Venus, will also be setting up camp for the next four weeks. Your words will be filled with inspiration, and so will many of the social media posts, books or news you consume, as well as the conversations you partake in. If you’re a writer or are currently working on a project where communication is involved, get ready for your words to sound so much more magical! The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, bringing important messages about your work projects. There is nothing more important than honoring your natural rhythm. Make sure you’re not bypassing it within your professional projects. Remember that consistent effort is much more rewarding than immediate gratification. Trust the process.