Dear Capricorn, the week begins diving right into eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. As the eclipse may reveal the challenges that your career path is up against, allow yourself to see what may be too much to continue moving forward with. What is proving to be more draining than regarding? And which challenges are worth the effort? Meet these reflections with compassion and treat yourself with tenderness as you find your way through this. And still, no matter what you may be going through in your professional life, make sure to celebrate the successes, big or small. Acknowledge the lessons of your accomplishments. Enjoy how far you’ve come and all that you’ve been able to create. The week comes to an end with Vesta moving from Gemini into Cancer for the next 7 weeks, lighting the inner fire of your commitment to nurturing and sustaining connections with the ones you love. Ensure that you are not sacrificing your own needs and well-being in order to nourish your relationships. Find the right balance where you all are nurtured.