Welcome to the astrological New Year, dear Capricorn! The Sun will enter the fiery sign of Aries on the 19th, shining a light on your home, family and ancestry. This will be a season for grounding, nesting, knowing your needs and meeting them. Bring some warmth and nurture into your home and your family ties, blood or chosen. Bring some changes into your home that make it more inviting for you and yours, a place to rest and renew your energy after a long day. Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, firing up your already packed area of communication and daily activities, inviting you to come into your daily rituals and practices with renewed energy. This can be a productive time to write, study, exchange ideas, and engage in lively conversations. Your words have much more resonance right now, so make sure to speak with purpose and intention. There’s an upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 25th, and it will be highlighting your career and all that you have been working towards. You can prepare for this potent energy by honoring all the hard work you put in. Allow this to put your doubts in perspective. When you’re committed to listening to what your life wants from you, it becomes easier to trust that your life is moving along the right path.