@KnowPisces June ’21 Scope

The Month of June is going to reset your idea of home and family life, with Eclipse Season bringing change, and Retrograde season bringing perspective. Everything you were raised to believe is being challenged and reevaluated, all so that you can establish your own idea of what it means to be safe in your home and comfortable with family. Whether it’s blood family or friend family doesn’t matter, it’s whether the relationship is built on a love that is unconditional that really matters.

@KnowPisces May ’21 Scope

We’re in Taurus season for most of this month, Pisces, which will activate your sector of communication. The key to getting the most out of this will be in your ability to express what you like and dislike firmly, using your words. This will help you a lot as we welcome Mercury and Venus into Gemini early in the month, which will activate your sector of home and family. You’ll find that expressing what you like and dislike has the power to change where you’re most comfortable, and also shift for you what it means to love something truly unconditionally.

@KnowPisces April ’21 Scope

You know that where your focus goes, energy flows, and with it being Aries season, it’ll be a good time to focus more on how much value you bring to the spaces you enter. I don’t mean how expensive your outfit is, I mean how does the simple grace of your presence impact the lives of those around you in a positive way? Focus more on this so that you spend less time worrying if just being yourself is enough. It’s way more than you think!