@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 7.19 – 7.25

Gemini, you may find yourself feeling extra sensitive and nostalgic this week, now that Mercury’s settled into Cancer and Venus, the Planet of Love, will switch out of Leo on the 21st and enter Virgo. A part of you feels like you have to put on the grown-up pants now and face certain responsibilities head-on rather than being avoidant or inconsistent. Push through the challenges that may emerge, and use Monday – Wednesday’s Sagittarius Moon to connect with people who can help you remain optimistic as you recreate yourself. Then Thursday and Friday, the Capricorn Moon encourages you to tackle your financial obligations with a spirit of discernment and self-awareness. By this weekend’s Aquarius Full Moon, you may feel as free as a bird and ready to launch into something exciting and brand new. I love this for you!

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 7.12 – 7.18

Gemini, you’ve been establishing what emotional security and safety look like for you. Now it’s time to bring that questioning into your sectors of money and career. And you are still being taught how to improve your communication to get the results you want to manifest in your life. You may feel picked on this week as Mercury finally transits into the sensitive sign of Cancer. Let your triggers be the sounding board for wounds that still need healing around your career and aspirations. Please don’t be ashamed of your truth; learn to accept it so that you may heal and prosper from it.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 7.5 – 7.11

You’ll be feeling more connected to yourself this week Gemini. On Wednesday you might just feel themes in your life coming full circle with Mercury officially ending the shadow period of its retrograde, through your sign. This retrograde was particularly potent for you and your idea of self-identity Gemini, so you’ll likely be feeling more sure of what you want than ever. Great news too, because Friday sees a New Moon and with it, comes a bunch of intention setting and manifestation potential. What do you want to have realized over the next six months Gemini? The focus of this moon for you, is on physical and emotional security and safety. How can you create a sanctuary and nest within this life? How can you improve what already exists? With Mercury entering Cancer on Sunday, it might be time for some conversations about all of this.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 6.28 – 7.4

Gemini, you’ve made it to the other side of Mercury’s retrograde in your sign, however there will still be a post-shadow period until early July. Don’t let this stop you from making moves though, because the energy of the recent solar eclipse in your sign is still going strong, encouraging you to say yes to change, even if you have no idea where it’s leading you. This week you may find yourself reevaluating your relationship to work, especially now that Venus is in Leo and Mercury’s preparing to enter Cancer in a few weeks. You’re ready to do more of what feels emotionally stimulating and to pursue what you’re genuinely passionate about, even if that keeps changing. Let this week be about self-exploration and play, particularly on Thursday and Friday when the Moon hangs out in the adventurous sign of Aries. By this weekend, the Taurus Moon will have you feeling more connected to your intuition and ready to take necessary leaps of faith to create and live out your dream life.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 6.21 – 6.27

Let’s celebrate, Gemini! Hopefully, we all made it through the first eclipse season of 2021 relatively unharmed. You are feeling good now, huh, Gemini? Mercury is finally stationing direct in your sign, and it’s like you can finally think straight. As we enter Cancer season, you can now process and apply the insight you received during eclipse season. We are still in retrograde territory, Gemini. Don’t press forward full steam ahead just yet.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scope 6.14 – 6.20

The main astrological aspect of the week is the Saturn-Uranus square on Monday, which will be felt all month long. Then on Sunday, Cancer Season begins, marking the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Gemini, you’ve been experiencing many wake-up calls during Mercury Retrograde, and since this is the last full week that Mercury’s retrograde in your sign, the downloads may be more intense than ever. Keep a journal handy, particularly mid-week once the Moon enters Virgo. Your life experiences can serve as creative inspiration down the line. Things lighten up significantly this weekend once the Moon enters Libra, and you may have a heart-to-heart with someone you love — the type of conversation that’s long overdue, and profoundly healing.