@KnowGemini Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

We’re quickly approaching both retrograde and eclipse season, a combo that will help to put a lot of pieces in place for you and your support system, Gemini. Venus meets with the North Node in your sector of self this week, which can have you eager to elevate your own self worth, but only if you can become a channel for wealth and abundance to flow through you instead of to you. Stay humble through this process of growth, and remember to keep your support system in mind as you level up so you don’t have to handle the extra work that comes with “more” all alone.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scopes 5.10 – 5.16

Happy Taurus New Moon, Gemini! This new moon week is extra magical because Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, enters its home sign of Pisces on May 13th, where it remains for a little over two months. Gemini, Mercury and Venus both being in your sign is making you feel extra magnetic this week, and these cosmic shifts mean that if you play your cards right, a major opportunity will be at your doorstop by week’s end. All you have to do is prepare to receive it by starting to eliminate the distractions or the tasks that make you feel so-so.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scopes 5.3 – 5.9

There’s nothing weird about you talking to yourself, Gemini. Mercury and Venus enter your sign this week, which will definitely have you turning to yourself more for advice and confirmation. This is actually a very powerful way for you to strengthen your intuition and reconnect you to your spirit, so trust the insights that are springing from within you. The more you remain a clear channel for self dialogue, the more you can attract universal sparks of wisdom as well.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scopes 4.26 – 5.2

Happy Full Moon week, Gemini! You may feel like you’ve been thrown out of your comfort zone this week due to several planets in Water signs asking you to confront the depths of your desires. But this can also be refreshing for you, because it’ll allow people to see your more introverted side and not make assumptions about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You may end up enjoying this emotional awakening more than you initially expected.

@KnowGemini Weekly Scopes 4.18 – 4.24

Welcome to Taurus Season, Gemini! As we shift into this earthy energy, your focus will likely become more fixated on your more subconscious beliefs around wealth and stability. Especially because Venus and Mercury will be meeting with Uranus in Taurus this week, which is your sector of subconscious patterns and dreams. This is going to shake up everything you once believed about material stability, and help you to reevaluate your value system to calculate social impact as well as monetary cost. The more value you bring to others’ wellbeing, the easier it will be for you to acquire more guilt-free.