Dear Gemini, brace yourself for a transformative week. Eclipse Season kicks off this week with a Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. This cosmic portal activates your sector of play and self-expression, encouraging you to laugh, sing and dance. It’ll be the perfect time to blow off some steam, and to return to the nourishing space that is joy. The idea might seem unnatural with the world in such disarray, but remember you can hold both grief and joy at the same time. Dulling your life force by staying in a rut of sadness or worry, will only render you less capable of stepping into a warrior role when the invitation does arise. By all means, honor feelings of overwhelm with grace – but equally importantly, when humor and play come through: embrace them. Mars’ transit through Pisces means taking action this week will feel natural, and easy. It’ll be a powerful time to tune into your inner world, for guidance on how to best navigate the outer.