Dear Gemini, after the recent Full Moon you’ll be feeling increasingly inspired and motivated to get your affairs in order. Life admin is being cosmically supported, so if there’s anything you’ve been procrastinating – here’s your reminder! We’re still collectively adjusting to a new Pluto cycle (plus an active Chiron), so be mindful of others’ (and your own) heightened sensitivity. This might be particularly clear around Wednesday, where the Moon moves into Scorpio, and you receive an x-ray lens on life around you. Your natural traits of diplomacy will make you magnetic, but be mindful of overextending yourself Gemini. With Aries on the North Node, you’re on a journey of balancing yourself with the needs of others. You’re specifically working on discerning how you think and feel, without the influence of those around you. On Saturday, a Scorpio Moon harmoniously connecting with Neptune offers you a mini-portal of magic and spiritual connection. Speak to your guides, ancestors, or another higher force of your choosing (that might even mean your own creativity), and listen closely.