Happy New Astro Year Gemini! If you’ve gone through a lot in recent months, this week (and March in General) will feel refreshing and restorative. You’ll enjoy a new ease in reorganizing your life, and because your energy has been subtly transforming, it’ll feel easier to shift some of the habits that were perhaps once more challenging. This week we have our entrance into Aries Season, alongside the equinox, and a New Astrological year. Huge. You’re going to feel a wave of new energy coming through mid-week inspiring you to begin refining. Refining your life involves paying attention to the habits, details and relationships that it’s made up of. You might notice yourself accessing deeper levels of communication in your friendships, work or intimate connections. Others might fall away. This can naturally feel unsettling – but relationships, (like everything else in our lives) must keep evolving and growing as we do, to remain balanced. The week wraps up with Venus (who now moves through Pisces) forming an auspicious connection with Jupiter in Taurus. This cosmic signature invites you to embrace gratitude for the blessings of your life; to feel them deeply and whole-heartedly. It also gifts you permission to dream even bigger.