KnowAries March 21 – March 27

Wow, that Full Moon in Virgo was intense, we may still be recuperating from all that was, consciously or unconsciously, released. But, now that the new zodiac year has finally begun, things are coming into motion and it’ll be easier to get a fresh start. For you Aries, this is your time, you’re the one that has the energy to open new doors for all of us. A lot was holding you back during Pisces Season, but you’ll finally get a chance to thrust forward with your usual fire and assertiveness. Take this week to get a start on all the things that have been flourishing deep within you, even if it’s a slow start. On Friday we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn. If something was going on with your health around the 17th, check in on it and how it may be impacting your work. We end the week with Mercury entering your sign, and your mind will now be more set on accompanying the actions that you want to take.

KnowAries March 14 – March 20

That’s a wrap Skymates! This week starts with a Leo Moon evoking a childlike sense of excitement and renewal. Perfect, as this powerful week is the last of the astrological year. This means we’ll be experiencing both a build-up, and a beautiful sense of coming full circle. With our final Full Moon on Friday, and the Sun launching us into the new astrological year on Sunday – this week is one for tying up loose ends, reflection and gratitude. You’re shifting into a new chapter: this is the time to envision and call in the next stage of your evolution. Aries, the end of Pisces season means we’re just one week away from the month of your solar return! This means that themes mentioned above are even more potent for you. If January 1 didn’t feel like a fresh start, your energy is likely more aligned with the astrological calendar. This week ground yourself and plan your next steps, before you launch into a magical Aries season.

KnowAries March 7 – March 13

Aries, the energy of last week’s Pisces New Moon is still coursing through the cosmos, encouraging you to dream, to reflect, to release, to cry, and to meditate. Your spirituality sector will continue to be profoundly activated throughout the rest of Pisces Season, and this is a perfect time to purge thoughts, relationships, jobs, and habits that weigh you down. You’ll want to feel free as can be once Aries Season strikes in two weeks. But that means being honest about your inner blockages, and moments when you’ve let self-sabotage hold you back from what you deserve. Face your shadows now so you can be the light.

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 2.28 – 3.6

Aries, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of spirituality. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, this may spark some tension within your groups. Don’t get caught up in the drama or in your need to be right. Just follow your inner voice. The New Moon in Pisces brings a nice renewing energy your way. Give yourself the chance to pause and relax mid-week. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto, and you won’t be able to deny your appetite for success. Make sure you’re aligning your ambition with your purpose and with the kind of impact you wish to have on the world. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, shining a light on the blessings available for you in your professional path. Ask for what you want. Take a step in the direction you want to go. Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality within your groups.

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 2.21 – 2.27

Turn the noise down Aries. This week will bring a sense of renewal and spaciousness. There’s a divine healing energy here, as the Sun shifts through the final zodiac sign of Pisces and towards the conclusion of the astrological year. We’re collectively entering more watery realms of spirit, emotion and connection to our own inner magic. This energy enters our work spheres, as Mars connects with Neptune. Plus on Thursday we officially wrap up the post-shadow phase of our Mercury retrograde – bringing waves of clarity and momentum. Aries, with all the air-energy of the last month there’s a chance you’ve been overwhelming yourself with technology and social spheres. This week (and month in general) invites you into your own quiet world. Spent time with your thoughts; and ground your nervous system with earth-centric activities like hiking or gardening. You’ll notice how freely your inspiration flows through when you’re feeling relaxed on a body and soul level. 

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 2.14 – 2.20

Welcome to a full moon week, Aries! Wednesday’s Leo Full Moon illuminates us to the talents, passions, and desires that exist within us. It’s time to let your light shine, skymate. Shine brightly for all to see. Aries, this week’s energy is about tapping into the element of Fire — be as daring, enthusiastic, competitive, and passionate as you want to be. You’re learning how to lead with your wounds — this is due to Chiron, the wounded healer, in your sign for several years. You’re letting what once appeared to be hardships morph you into a spiritual warrior who manifests their desires with ease! Get ready to feel more driven and activated this week, especially once Mercury shifts into Aquarius and activates your sector of social networks.