@KnowAries Weekly Scope 10.25 – 10.31

Aries, the week starts out with some intense energy between Venus in your area of beliefs and Neptune in your area of spirituality. Life is an adventure and a mystery, and so is love. Let yourself be seduced by new ways of seeing the world and new ways approaching intimacy and relationships. Mid-week the Waning Quarter Moon in Leo will be igniting your creative nature. What seed can you plant today towards your future joy? Clear your path, get the things that stand between you and your joy out the way. The week comes to an end with Mars entering Scorpio, collectively connecting us deeper into our desires. Your intimacy, sexuality and shared resources are going to get a boost of energy. What power is being gifted to you through the energy and efforts you share with others?

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 10.18 – 10.24

Your time has come, Aries! A revolutionary full moon in your sign takes place this week, October 20th. You’ve probably already felt its influence as early as last week, and it’ll grow in intensity until it reaches its peak on Wednesday. Prepare to receive much more attention than usual, in all aspects of your life. But ultimately, you only owe yourself your undivided attention, and if you feel like being more selfish and less responsive this week, that’s absolutely understandable. With Mercury ending its retrograde this week in Libra, and Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, also shifting direct in Aquarius, you may feel like you’ve reached a turning point in your relationships and friendships, where you no longer tolerate wishy-washy behavior from yourself, or from others. Instead of cutting people off or making impulsive decisions, be an observer of how other people react and respond, and then once Scorpio Season starts this Saturday the 23rd, your sector of depth and intimacy will be activated, and you’ll be able to more confidently state your needs and establish your boundaries. Go, Aries, go Aries, go!

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 10.11 – 10.17

Aries, with Saturn now direct, it’ll be easier for you to stand by the boundaries you set up within your networks and any changes you made in your social scenery these past months. The Waxing Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday wants you to pay attention to the energy that’s streaming through your professional pursuits. It’s a good time to refine your plans. Venus will get some balancing and uplifting vibes throughout the week from Saturn, Chiron, and Mercury. The more you heal your inner space, the easier it’ll be to set boundaries that help you feel safe enough to open up to another and speak your truth. We end the week with a clash between the Sun and Pluto. Reminding you that you don’t have to sacrifice your projects in order for your relationships to thrive.

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 10.4 – 10.10

Happy New Moon week, Aries! With Wednesday’s Libra New Moon activating your partnership sector, you’ll feel ready for a fresh start romantically — starting with the way you view your relationship with yourself. In what ways can you be kinder and more flexible with yourself as a partner? Both Saturn and Pluto shift direct this week, so you’ll start to notice how much you’ve grown since your birthday season. The best thing you can do for yourself this week is take time to honor and celebrate yourself, while also opening up to the love you’re going to be receiving from secret and not-so-secret admirers. This is one of the best times of the year for a fresh start romantically, but getting there means tying up some loose ends and confronting some past wounds.

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 9.27 – 10.3

Aries, Mercury goes retrograde on Monday in your area of relationships, beware of exes that pop out of nowhere, don’t read too much into it. Make these next three weeks about bringing more conscious awareness into how you show up in your partnerships. Midweek, Mercury will come into a tense alignment with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and may unlock pent-up emotions in your intimate spaces. Be careful with your words. Take the time to listen, to process your emotions and to think before you speak. We close the week with a stretching alignment between the Sun and Chiron, the wounded healer, you’ll be able to feel and witness just how much you’ve been healing your relationship with yourself and your self-imagine. Show a little love to the ones that have helped you along the way.

@KnowAries Weekly Scope 9.20 – 9.26

Change is in the air Aries! This week we kick off with a powerful Pisces Full Moon, drawing us into the Virgo-Pisces axis. Full Moons are always a time of culmination and reaping the rewards of our harvest. It’s a time to exhale, and find gratitude in the unfolding of the past weeks of the last lunar cycle. With the Sun in Virgo, and the Moon in Pisces we’re entering the space of Service. The focus is on the balance between our everyday lives, and our spiritual connection. Aries, with Uranus Retrograde moving through your sector of resources and wealth, you might be receiving signs as to how you can find an optimal work-life balance. How can you meet your basic spiritual, emotional and comfort needs in new ways? Remember: sometimes less is more.