Welcome to the New Astrological Year Aries! This, the equinox, plus entrance into a glorious Aries Season are sure to ramp up the energies for the week. You’re approaching your solar return, and the seasons (in more ways than one) have officially shifted. This year, the Sun officially shifts into Aries on Tuesday, while the moon rests in Leo. You might feel this as a sense of anticipation, optimism, or excitement. Good things are on their way. Your planetary ruler enters Pisces on Friday, connecting your life and its parts to the bigger, divine picture. Imagine if you were to write out your life, turn it into a film, or documentary. What trippy coincidences and threads have run through the whole way? Where were the moments that you had your make or break moments? Grew beyond yourself? Laughed until you cried? This week is one for acknowledging and honoring all of it. Reflecting on the past for too long is never a good idea. Yet, doing so to strengthen your connection to the present, or to remind you of the magic in your trajectory – will work wonders for your empowerment and a sense of falling in love with life again. You deserve this and more.