There’s hope, Aries. The area of your life which first sprung to mind after reading those words, is ready to receive healing and transformation. The week kicks off with Mercury harmoniously conversing with Uranus, catalyzing synchronicity and surprises through conversations, or chance meetings. Notice who piques your curiosity, uplifts or leaves you feeling inspired. They might just be onto something. A “sky’s the limit” theme will flow through from Wednesday, where a pragmatic moon connects with Uranus, Mercury and Neptune, to remind you that the obstacles to your dreams are likely shifting. It could be time to revise or create a new plan. Mercury (planet of communication) will move into your sign over the weekend, empowering you with extra gifts of self-expression. Notice the spaces where you feel unsure of yourself, then breathe love, patience and acceptance into them. Reminder: there will always be those who love you for exactly who you are. Hiding or pretending to be someone else will only slow down the process of finding them. Our Pisces New Moon takes place on Sunday, meeting its ruler (Neptune) and auspiciously connecting with both Uranus and Pluto. In two words, this moon will feel both comforting, and hopeful; a reminder that change is not only possible but has already arrived.