Dear Aries, get ready for themes of remembrance and self-discovery as eclipse season kicks off this week. We have our powerful Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3:00 am EST, activating your sector of relationships and reciprocity. Here, you’re being invited to embrace vulnerability, as well as to connect with unexplored facets of your own identity. This could mean sharing yourself more transparently with a loved one, alternatively it might mean simply embracing the chance to understand and accept yourself, without judgment. This eclipse does take place in your opposite sign, which can naturally feel a little – unnatural. If emotional waves come through, honor them with compassion and even humor. Extending yourself the same understanding, patience and generosity that you offer to others. On Thursday, a harmonious connection between Venus and Uranus might bring a pleasant surprise or sense of spontaneity to your day. It’ll be a particularly auspicious time to connect with nature, whatever that means for you. As the Moon shifts into Sagittarius towards the end of the week, a sense of adventure and exploration takes center stage. This is the perfect time to lean into your passion-driven pursuits. Reminder: fortune favors the bold.