@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 10.25 – 10.31

Libra, the week starts out with some intense energy between Venus in your area of playful exchanges and Neptune in your area of daily rituals. If you feel like flirting, go right ahead. Fill your day with compliments towards everyone you see. Don’t expect something in return, giving will be fulfilling enough. Mid-week the Waning Quarter Moon in Leo will be igniting your networks. Make space to celebrate life and surround yourself with the ones that are doing the same. The week comes to an end with Mars entering Scorpio, collectively connecting us deeper into our desires. Your finances, values and sense of self-worth are going to get a boost of energy. This will be a time to go for what you want. A chance to develop your resources. How much are you honoring and protecting what sustains your life?

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 10.18 – 10.24

Libra, Mercury’s 3-week retrograde through your sign comes to an end this week! You’ll still need about two-weeks to readjust to Mercury’s direct motion, so ease into the work week with the spirit of flexibility and gratitude. On top of that, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts direct in Aquarius on Monday, after a 4.5 month retrograde in your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. Any doubts or concerns you had about your romantic or creative options are likely to start to fade in the coming weeks, as you are able to integrate the lessons from retrograde season and clearly see what you’re meant to learn in order to step into the new cycle of your life. Wednesday’s Aries Full Moon activates your relationship sector. You may reach closure in a partnership-related issue that’s been hanging over your head these past six months, or a current connection (or connections) could go to the next level if all parties are aligned. Let yourself feel the love that you know you deserve.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 10.11 – 10.17

Libra, with Saturn now direct, the road ahead is an easier one to walk as long as you connect with your purpose in life. Follow your passion and your joy. The Waxing Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday wants you to get a clearer picture of your core and what your base is made of. Pay attention to the details that come up. Venus will get some balancing and uplifting vibes throughout the week from Saturn, Chiron, and Mercury. Make sure your life’s structure holds space for your creativity and self-expression. Be open and honest in your intimate relationships, especially if they’re offering you the space to heal. Don’t be afraid to let the world know what you think. We end the week with a clash between the Sun and Pluto. Reminding you that you don’t have to sacrifice feeling grounded in order to bring a new version of yourself through.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 10.4 – 10.10

Happy New Moon in your sign, Libra! Your annual rebirth has arrived, and once the New Moon in Libra strikes on the 6th, you’ll start to feel extra magnetic and powerful. Retrograde season may still have you doubting yourself, but Pluto shifts direct in Capricorn on the same day as your New Moon, reminding you that sometimes the best way to evolve is to completely slow down and start fresh. Take time to visualize yourself six months from now. In order to get there, you need a solid foundation from which to soar. That’s what this week invites you to shift your attention to, particularly on 10/10 when Saturn, the Teacher Planet, shifts direct in Aquarius and opens up the door for several new opportunities for expansion in the coming months. You deserve all of this, and more.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 9.27 – 10.3

Libra, Mercury goes retrograde on Monday in your area of self. How do you present yourself to the world? If you feel unable to express yourself in the way you would like, it’s ok. The retrograde is a time to go in and reflect. When it’s past you’ll feel more centered and comfortable with letting your new found self shine. Midweek, Mercury will come into a tense alignment with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. It’s normal for life-changing events to make you doubt who you are. The new ground you stand on may feel unsteady, but trust that you have the emotional strength to hold yourself through it until it settles. We close the week with a stretching alignment between the Sun and Chiron, the wounded healer, reminding you that the most healing thing for you right now is to set healthy boundaries and have the courage to stand by them.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 9.20 – 9.26

Wait for it Libra… This week we kick off with a dreamy Pisces Full Moon, connecting us all to distinctively cosmic, magic and divine flavors. Full moons are always a time to acknowledge the culmination of past chapters, as well as to evoke gratitude for where you presently are. Where you are will be looking pretty good Libra, as midway through the week, the sun shifts into your sign. Libra season is finally here! Over the next weeks you’re invited into the solar spotlight of celebrating yourself. You’ll be feeling more renewed, inspired and confident than you have for a while. It’s a time where your life path will either feel positively affirmed… or gently shifted into personal alignment. Regardless, spoil yourself, love yourself and have fun lovely Libra.