KTZ Weekly Scopes April 1 – 25th

Happy Mercury Retrograde, skymates! Here at KTZ we are in our final weeks of prepping for our KTZ App relaunch, which means we’re taking a break from sharing and uploading weekly scopes until our new app launches. Please make sure you’re signed up to be a beta-tester of the new and improved KTZ App. Beta-testers will receive early access to the app and 1 month of the premium version for free. Thank you for your support, flexibility, and loyalty throughout the years. We are so excited for you to immerse yourself in KTZ’s Universe this Spring 2024. Sign up to be a beta-tester at knowthezodiac.com/ktz-app. Enjoy the retrograde! Love, TeamKTZ.

Libra Weekly Scope Mar 25 – 31, 2024

Dear Libra, the week begins diving right into eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in your sign on Monday 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. This may feel like coming home to yourself. Allow yourself to feel a bit more tender-hearted, a little more vulnerable. Don’t let the distractions of the world, no matter how beautiful they may be, keep you from going deeper in. Take this experience to get to know a part of you that you’ve yet to discover. Do so without expectations. Be there for the discomfort and the uncertainty that emotions are bound to bring. Do so with compassion and even with humor. Offer yourself the understanding that you’re so used to offering others when they’re going through a challenge or a learning curve. The week comes to an end with Vesta moving from Gemini into Cancer for the next 7 weeks, sparking the inner flame of your life goals. How can you bring more passion into the work you do in the world? How can you bring more of yourself into it? This may not be possible in your 9 to 5, making it an ideal time to nurture your passion projects.

Libra Weekly Scope Mar 18 – 24, 2024

Welcome to the astrological New Year! The Sun will enter the fiery sign of Aries on the 19th, and on the 20th, Mercury and Chiron join forces here, shining a light and bringing some healing energy into your partnerships. Dear Libra, dare to be known a little more deeply, more intimately. Slow down the mind, and give yourself more space to feel, and to be vulnerable. Letting others in takes courage. So be respectful with your boundaries, and be compassionate with your journey. Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, firing up your already packed area of work habits and wellness routines. How can you make work feel less like work? What little shifts and changes can you make so that your tasks feel like magical rituals? How can you begin to make your life easier down the line? There’s an upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 25th, that will be highlighting you, and all of the ways that you have learned to be more of yourself and to value yourself. You can begin to prepare for this energy by remaining conscious of your inner world. Don’t get lost outside, bring your focus back to your experience and your feelings.

Libra Weekly Scope Mar 11 – 17, 2024

How are those post New Moon feels going, dear Libra? Remember that there’s a flow to all that you do, following it will help you feel less like you’re swimming against the current and more like you’re going with the stream that wants to carry you towards meaningful projects. There’s already a lot going on within your work and health sector with the Sun, Saturn and Neptune here, and come the 11th, your ruler, Venus, is also setting up camp for the next four weeks. Venus is here to balance out goal-driven Saturn. It’s here to remind you that it’s less about how much work you achieve in a day, and more about the way that your tasks flow effortlessly. So instead of trying to work faster, pay more attention to setting up the systems, routines, structures or tricks and allow for this shift towards a feel good work flow. The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, reminding you not to let life’s craze drown out our intuitive wisdom. You know which is the right direction to take. Validate your intuition.

Libra Weekly Scope Mar 4 – 10, 2024

Dear Libra, pay attention to what your body needs. The New Moon in Pisces is happening on the 10th, exact at 5:00 am EST, in your area of work habits and health routines. Start to get in tune with the New Moon energy by honoring and listening to the wisdom of your body. Show compassion for its lived experience, and for all it has needed to suppress and hold in in order to get through this world. Mercury is going through its last days in Pisces, so in preparation for the New Moon and taking advantage of Mercury’s influence in your wellness sector, it’s a good time to keep putting in place the routines that help you have smoother days. Then as Mercury shifts into Aries, where it will be for the next two months, make sure to prioritize clear mutual understanding over self-protection within the bonds that are worth their salt. This is no time to overthink. If you’re doubting something within your close relationships, it’ll be best to talk it out than to overanalyze things. Sunday’s New Moon reminds you how feelings remain lodged in your system until you face them. Whenever it becomes too easy for others to push your buttons, it’s important to look and see if there are any ignored emotions. Don’t let unacknowledged pain distort your best intentions.

Libra Weekly Scope Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2024

Dear Libra, the Moon will meet the South Node in your sign on the 27th, and this is your monthly reminder that you’re going through an uncomfortable process, and to be compassionate with yourself. The past months haven’t been easy, and the South Node will continue traveling through your sign for what’s left of the year. You’re realizing a lot about yourself, coming to terms with how much you’ve been letting yourself be, and how much you’ve been holding yourself back. You’re shedding layers and layers of masks. Getting to the core of yourself. Keep this in mind, and nurture and accompany this process lovingly. On the 28th, a pretty auspicious alignment is going to occur when both Mercury and Saturn find themselves within the heart of the Sun in your area of the routines and rituals that govern your daily life. Truths about how to operate your life with greater ease will come flooding through. This is an invitation to bring your organizational skills even into your witchy side, so that instead of getting lost in the information you’re able to download, you can make meaning from dreams and insights. The week comes to an end with the Last Quarter Moon in Sag, inviting you to challenge your beliefs by embarking on the adventure of expanding the scope of your thinking.