@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 10.25 – 10.31

Sag, the week starts out with some intense energy between Venus in your area of self and Neptune in your area of family. You’ve been in hiding. Allow yourself to come out. To attract more things into your field. To remind yourself just who you are. Mid-week the Waning Quarter Moon in Leo will be igniting your inner sage. Let go. Wind down. You’ve been going through so much shadow work. You deserve some expansion. The week comes to an end with Mars entering Scorpio, collectively connecting us deeper into our desires. Your spiritual nature, intuition and connection to your dreams are going to get a boost of energy. All the space you’ve opened up within your inner realms will finally have a chance to fill up with something new. Keep it to yourself until you feel it’s time for it to come through.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 10.18 – 10.24

Congratulations, Sag! Your ruling planet Jupiter has ended its 4.5 month retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. This activated your sector of communication, and may have led to you internalizing most of your cosmic downloads and taking more time to yourself to figure out what your current intentions are. Now that Jupiter, and Mercury, are both direct in Air signs, you’re likely to be feeling more liberated when it comes to self-expression. On the 20th, an Aries Full Moon lights up your sector of creativity, true love, and adventure, helping you shoot your shot romantically and creatively. People will feel drawn to your confidence this week, so let it be felt. Once Scorpio Season starts on Saturday the 23rd, you’ll be in more of a hermit mode as you enter your personal hibernation season in anticipation for your birthday. Let yourself feel all the feels, and keep letting go of what you’ve outgrown.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 10.11 – 10.17

Sag, with Saturn now direct, I invite you to let go. I know these past few months have felt rigid, but now you’ll have more space to enjoy the ride. The Waxing Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday wants you to take stock of your resources. Don’t get too hung up on your financial plans not having panned out. Make the most of what you have now. Venus will get some balancing and uplifting vibes throughout the week from Saturn, Chiron, and Mercury. The boundaries you set between you and the outside are what help you feel safe and comfortable coming out into the world. When you dare to express your truth you heal it. Connect with the ones that understand you, this is where you should feel open to sharing yourself. We end the week with a clash between the Sun and Pluto. Reminding you that you don’t have to sacrifice your values to find belonging.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 10.4 – 10.10

Happy New Moon week, Sag! The Libra New Moon helps breathe new life into your friendships. You may have had to take a breather from all the social invitations you’ve received recently, Sag. With your ruler Jupiter still retrograde in Aquarius, you’re in a more solo mood lately. But Wednesday’s Libra Moon encourages you to find moderation in your social life, and still hit up the people who make you feel the most fun and at ease. You’re likely to have some of the best times with them this week, and you’ll be glad you said yes. Venus enters your sign on the 7th, making you a cosmic favorite when it comes to love and intimacy. You’ll find yourself wanting more freedom to explore your sexual desires, but also seeking an adventure buddy who’s always down for an impromptu rendezvous. This is the best week to set intentions clarifying the energy you’d like to have around you these next six months. Have fun!

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 9.27 – 10.3

Sag, Mercury goes retrograde on Monday in your area of friends and networks. These next three weeks will be a good time to withdraw a bit from the social scene. Take some time to discover who you are away from others. Reconnect with the dreams that used to inspire you. Lookup networks that can help you towards your goals. Midweek, Mercury will come into a tense alignment with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. This is a reminder that you must value your own natural talents and self-worth more than what others have to offer you. We close the week with a stretching alignment between the Sun and Chiron, the wounded healer, shining a light on the hobbies and passions that have the power to soothe your soul. Align with the practices that ignite your creative fire.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 9.20 – 9.26

Is there anything that could be done better? This week kicks off with a powerful Pisces Full Moon, where we all enter the Virgo-Pisces axis. This Moon is all about finding balance between our everyday lives and spiritual connection. Sagittarius, with Pluto retrograde moving through your house of resources, you’re particularly invited to reflect on your meeting of basic needs. It’s easy to overlook the little things, but this week you’re invited to get back to basics. Are you getting enough sleep Sag? Eating well? Are you enjoying your work… and being compensated fairly? As we shift into Libra season midway through the week you’ll be looking to others for ideas and motivation. Get creative, collaborative and ask questions. You’ll probably receive more clarity than you expect!