KnowSagittarius March 21 – March 27

Wow, that Full Moon in Virgo was intense, we may still be recuperating from all that was, consciously or unconsciously, released. But, now that the new zodiac year has finally begun, things are coming into motion and it’ll be easier to get a fresh start. For you Sag, you’ll just wanna have fun! And why not? What’s holding you back? Really? Aren’t there ways for you to bring more fun and the pleasure into your responsibilities, even if it’s just a little bit? I’m sure you can find that twist. Take as much time off work as you can. Make time to just do nothing, and to do what brings you joy. You deserve it. You really do. And if you’ve been meaning to take up a creative project. This is the time! On Friday we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn. What changes came up in your career around the 17th? Check in on how they may be affecting your financial life. We end the week with Mercury entering Aries. Don’t hesitate to say yes when you really want to.

KnowSagittarius March 14 – March 20

Sagittarius, this week starts with a Leo Moon evoking a childlike sense of excitement and renewal. Perfect, as this powerful week is the last of the astrological year. This means we’ll be experiencing both a build-up, and a beautiful sense of coming full circle. This week is one for tying up loose ends, reflection and gratitude. Sagittarius, you’re shifting into a new chapter: this is the time to envision and call in the next stage of your evolution. The Virgo Full Moon specifically invites you into a space of radical self-acceptance. This lunar axis carries a message of accepting the messiness of life and recognizing that ‘control’ really is an illusion. You can use this lens to regard yourself, dissolving any of your perceived ‘flaws’ into divine and beautiful quirks. Self-improvement is great – but be careful not to lose your sense of self-value, lovely Sagittarius.

KnowSagittarius March 7 – March 13

Sag, you’re probably still on a high from last week’s conjunction between your planetary ruler, Jupiter, who is currently in Pisces, and the New Moon in Pisces. This helped open up your heart chakra in radically transformative ways, and you also were able to attract more of what you want in your life, with great ease. But what do you do when you become a pro manifestor? What happens when you’re able to get everything you want with lightning speed? You share your abundance and your wealth. Now that Venus and Mars are both in Aquarius, activating your sector of communication and community, you’re about to connect with like-minded people in revolutionary ways, and as you spread your knowledge and insights, you’ll further change the world.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 2.28 – 3.6

Sag, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of roots and foundations. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, and you may feel pressure to think and speak a certain way. Have patience, you’re just refining your intellectual skills. Feel free to cut out any communication that seems unnecessary. The New Moon in Pisces is here to remind you that the more you shower your inner world and everyone in it with the care you’ve always craved, the more you can understand how to live in abundance. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto. Whatever you’re working towards, make the plan as solid as it can be. You have the chance to take on your goals and manifest them into something big. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, inviting you home. What does this mean for you? Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality within your thought process.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 2.21 – 2.27

Sagittarius, this week will bring a sense of renewal and spaciousness. There’s a divine healing energy here, as the Sun shifts through the final zodiac sign of Pisces and towards the conclusion of the astrological year. We’re collectively entering more watery realms of spirit, emotion and connection to our own inner magic. The key word for the week is Restoration – this is a time to bring your mind, body and spirit back into alignment. Sagittarius, with your realms of emotional healing illuminated, you may be feeling more empathic and sensitive than usual. This isn’t even remotely a negative thing! Use this time to take a deep dive into your inner world. You can always try out activities like journaling, or even just calling a friend to let it all out. Part of the gift in being human is being able to feel so fully. Honor this.

@KnowSagittarius Weekly Scope 2.14 – 2.20

Welcome to a full moon week, Sag! Wednesday’s Leo Full Moon illuminates us to the talents, passions, and desires that exist within us. It’s time to let your light shine, skymate. Shine brightly for all to see. Sag, this week’s energy is about being clear with yourself about where you’re ready to expand in your life. At any moment, you can pivot in your career and do something radically different than what you were used to. This may be the case for you this week, especially now that Mercury is in Aquarius and activating your communication sector. Live life according to your ideals and no one else’s.