KTZ Weekly Scopes April 1 – 25th

Happy Mercury Retrograde, skymates! Here at KTZ we are in our final weeks of prepping for our KTZ App relaunch, which means we’re taking a break from sharing and uploading weekly scopes until our new app launches. Please make sure you’re signed up to be a beta-tester of the new and improved KTZ App. Beta-testers will receive early access to the app and 1 month of the premium version for free. Thank you for your support, flexibility, and loyalty throughout the years. We are so excited for you to immerse yourself in KTZ’s Universe this Spring 2024. Sign up to be a beta-tester at knowthezodiac.com/ktz-app. Enjoy the retrograde! Love, TeamKTZ.

Sagittarius Weekly Scope Mar 25 – 31, 2024

Dear Sagittarius, Eclipse season is officially here. Our Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on Monday, at 3:00 am EST. Activating your sector of belonging, you’re being invited to explore and redefine your relationship with networking and community. How connected do you feel, to and within the world? What could be better? Who are you grateful for? You’re a highly independent sign, but this will be a time to reflect on where you would benefit from more support from those around you. Whether that’s in a career sense; financially, spiritually or emotionally – being honest and vulnerable with yourself will pay off here. Indeed, there’ll be a sense of vulnerability and nostalgia flavoring the whole week, as south-nodal eclipses tend to bring up themes from the past. Avoid distracting yourself from this, by increasing the space between your tasks. Even taking a couple of minutes to simply witness your breath and the flavor of your thoughts can be enough to reorient your whole day. The Moon will enter your sign towards the end of the week, evoking a sense of playfulness and passion again. We’ve collectively experienced a challenging few months, but the silver lining is they’ve better informed you of what you truly desire. Now, go after it.

Sagittarius Weekly Scope Mar 18 – 24, 2024

Happy New Astro Year Sagittarius! Get ready, as this auspicious week may illuminate your path more clearly than ever. On Tuesday, a Cancer Moon trines Neptune, evoking heightened intuition, synchronicity and blurred lines of magic and reality. It’s also  a perfect opportunity to check in with yourself emotionally. What does your inner child need at this time? Soon after, the Moon’s shift into Leo will accompany the Sun’s entrance into Aries, marking the New Astrological Year. Embrace the familiar fiery energy, Sagittarius. Let it inspire your confidence and clarify visions of your higher purpose. This is your city. Thursday brings a shift in momentum, as Venus kisses Saturn in Pisces. For you, this will prompt reflection (or feelings) on finding and building emotional sanctuary – whatever that may mean for you. Reflect on your values, relationships, and the spaces that bring you comfort and belonging. This will be a powerful time to solidify commitments that resonate with your sense of “home.” The end of the week brings “sky’s the limit” vibes as Venus harmoniously connects with your planetary ruler (Jupiter). This cosmic connection might just provide some desired clarity around your mission here. As a natural leader, over the next month your role in uplifting and supporting others may become pronounced. Are you ready?

Sagittarius Weekly Scope Mar 11 – 17, 2024

Sagittarius, you’re transforming your world, from the inside out. You’ve just had a potent Pisces New Moon activating your sector of emotional healing and this was big. If existing within yourself feels a little strange or “new,” trust the process. On Monday, Venus will shift into Pisces deepening your journey of self-exploration for the next four weeks – and as you grow closer to yourself, you’ll be invited to make life shifts accordingly. This might mean changing the habits, patterns that shape how you move through the world. It might mean changes with new relationships, or shifts within existing ones. Either way, you’re adjusting life in a way that works best for you. Think: the way you eat, how you fill spare time, communicate, express – and so on. Chapters of intentionally going inwards might seem daunting (especially if you’re concerned about seeming selfish or too withdrawn from others), yet the universe is reminding you there inevitably will be times in your life where you’re called to just be with yourself, deeply. Think of every hero’s journey ever! There will be chapters where you may need to be less available to others, so that you can realign your life and come back brighter than ever. This may be one of them.

Sagittarius Weekly Scope Mar 4 – 10, 2024

As you treat yourself with more kindness, your world will start to transform Sagittarius. This week we’ll be seeing “as above, so below” in action, with harmonious interplay between Mercury and Uranus. You’re being invited to closely examine the ways that you guide, support, nourish and exist with yourself. What are your moments of solitude like? How can you deepen them? When you do – how does your external reality shift? On Friday, Mercury will meet Neptune in Pisces, highlighting the correlation between outer and inner well-being even more deeply. Embrace any epiphanies and insights that arise with curiosity and gratitude – this is just one way that the universe speaks to you! We’re moving towards a Pisces New Moon (on Sunday), so the week will carry a trippier vibe than usual. Time will flow differently, as synchronicity is turned up. With this New Moon you’re invited to embrace your vulnerability, whatever that means for you. Acknowledge the gifts of where you are, as well as what feels uncomfortable. By gently working with these sore spots, you’ll catapult your evolution and manifestations forward. You’re ready for a new chapter Sagittarius, and perhaps this is it.

Sagittarius Weekly Scope Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2024

Dear Sagittarius, trust that obstacles arising are perfect for your personal growth. This week we have equal parts chill, and challenging vibes. The pace will feel a little slower than the month so far, which will be welcomed by your nervous system. A square between your planetary ruler (Jupiter) and Mars, reminds you that sometimes your desires won’t align, simply because you’re not dreaming big enough. Trust and flow, lovely Sag. Your consistency is key. We wrap up the week with an extra burst of dreamy Lunar and Piscean vibes, which will be helpful for getting out of your head if overthinking has been an issue. It’ll feel easier to pay conscious attention to the nature of your thoughts, and to sift, dissolve and refine accordingly. How are the flavors of your self-talk? Could this dialogue be more self-loving? Or frequent? As one of the most fast-paced signs of the zodiac, you’re being invited to take in the gifts of slowness, and softness. Emotional and energetic hygiene is so important, and this includes releasing what’s not actually yours. Later in the week, when the moon (in your sign) harmoniously connects with Pluto, you may find yourself with an opportunity to overcome past fears. If it does feel within your capacity, go for it. The universe is right here cheering you on.