KTZ Weekly Scopes April 1 – 25th

Happy Mercury Retrograde, skymates! Here at KTZ we are in our final weeks of prepping for our KTZ App relaunch, which means we’re taking a break from sharing and uploading weekly scopes until our new app launches. Please make sure you’re signed up to be a beta-tester of the new and improved KTZ App. Beta-testers will receive early access to the app and 1 month of the premium version for free. Thank you for your support, flexibility, and loyalty throughout the years. We are so excited for you to immerse yourself in KTZ’s Universe this Spring 2024. Sign up to be a beta-tester at knowthezodiac.com/ktz-app. Enjoy the retrograde! Love, TeamKTZ.

Pisces Weekly Scope Mar 25 – 31, 2024

Dear Pisces, the week begins diving right into eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. This potent time will unearth a truth that you didn’t have access to before. Slowing down can help you tune into this wisdom. Make space for the feelings that come up. I know this is easier said than done, but being there for your emotions even when you’ve got to put in the work and even when it proves to be exhausting, can also lead to so much liberation and healing. There’s no right way to go about this. Just be with whatever you feel: sad, happy, tired, angry, uninspired, thrilled. Be with it, move with it. If hard truths come your way, double down on your tenderness towards yourself. The week comes to an end with Vesta moving from Gemini into Cancer for the next 7 weeks, intensifying your desire to keep the flame of play and creativity alive! Connect with your inner child, play with the children in your life, do more of what gives you joy and sparks your inner flame.

Pisces Weekly Scope Mar 18 – 24, 2024

Welcome to the astrological New Year, dear Pisces! The Sun will enter the fiery sign of Aries on the 19th, and this is the time of the year to replenish your relationship to your resources and sense of self-worth. Detox from any unhealthy beliefs that you’ve been taught about your value. Check in on when you stop yourself from contributing because you feel that what you have to give isn’t up to standard. Take this time to really shine a light on your work, your gifts and your talents. Reclaim your worth! Your sign is currently packed, and on the 22nd, Mars joins the gang –Venus, Saturn and Neptune– injecting some fiery energy into your journey of self-discovery! This will be a great time to pursue your personal goals. You’ll come off as confident and this can help open a few doors. Think things through before saying or doing something, as you’ll be more impulsive and wouldn’t want to do something you regret. There’s an upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 25th, and you can begin to prepare for this energy by letting your healing lead the way. Remember that you are much bigger than your fears and your doubts.

Pisces Weekly Scope Mar 11 – 17, 2024

What secrets has your heart been whispering post your New Moon, dear Pisces? Remember to catch up and check in with yourself. Remember to stay true to yourself. You make the most of the opportunities that you have by being with the process. You can’t fake it or skip over it. You deserve to receive your attention. You deserve to receive all that you need from yourself. Your area of self-discovery and personal journey is quite lively right now, with the Sun, Saturn and Neptune (one of your rulers) here, and come the 11th, Venus, will also be setting up camp for the next four weeks. Venus will help you listen to your personal needs and to work towards meeting them. If you’re an artist Venus is gonna be giving you the push you need to put more of your energy and love into your artistic practice. Tap into your inner muse! The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, and it’ll be a good time to look into the stories you’ve inherited. Investigate which ones have a hold on who you are and who you’d like to be. Recover your energy from the pasts that it’s still stuck on.

Pisces Weekly Scope Mar 4 – 10, 2024

Dear Pisces, offer yourself the kindness that you’re used to offering others. The New Moon is happening in your sign on the 10th, exact at 5:00 am EST, bringing in a new beginning to how you nurture your personal journey. Are you ready to recommit to yourself? Mercury is going through its last days in your sign as well, so in preparation for this New Moon and taking advantage of Mercury’s influence in your area of self-discovery, it’s important that you let the people know how you feel. Conversations, vlogs, and written statements are a way. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be through words. Find your own meaningful ways to reveal your inner self. Then as Mercury shifts into Aries, where it will be for the next two months, it ushers in a great time to get clear on your finances. Speak to others about how they go about their budgets. Come up with new business ideas or side hustles and go after them! Revamp your cash flow plan. Sunday’s New Moon wants you to pay attention to the projects, people, and events in your life that excite you. Feel into where your life wants you next. This is an exciting new beginning. Keep reinvesting your energy into what sustains you.

Pisces Weekly Scope Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2024

Dear Pisces, the Moon meets the South Node on the 27th, highlighting the collaborations or investments that have run their course. This transit is showing you where your energy is being depleted and where it’s being fed, and this will be a major theme for the rest of the year. Pay attention, and follow your intuition if it’s telling you that something isn’t right within your exchanges, investigate! Energy vampires and emotional manipulators have got to go. It’s time to direct your time, energy and resources into the projects, people and spaces where you are supported. Clear boundaries are a must! On the 28th, a pretty auspicious alignment is going to occur when both Mercury and Saturn find themselves within the heart of the Sun in your sign. Your passion projects and personal goals will be stretching your imagination and finding the necessary structures needed to thrive. Voice your dreams into reality! As the week comes to an end with the Last Quarter Moon in Sag, take a moment to rejoice in how far you’ve come. An important part of working towards your goals is to take the time to celebrate your achievements.