@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 7.19 – 7.25

Pisces, this is the last full week that your planetary ruler Jupiter spends in your sign. On July 28, it will retrograde back into Aquarius for the next five months, and this will signal a shift from a more self-centered reality to a more spiritually-centered one. This week is therefore ideal for pouring into yourself as much as possible, indulging in self-care activities, and learning how to fully trust your instincts. Monday – Wednesday, the Sagittarius Moon encourages you to be more adventurous and to say yes to spontaneous experiences. Then Thursday and Friday’s Capricorn Moon will help you add more discipline into your lifestyle, and once the Aquarius Full Moon strikes on Saturday, you’ll feel more aligned with your “why”, and ready to welcome Jupiter back into Aquarius early next week.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 7.12 – 7.18

Pisces, you’re wading through this Cancer season just fine. Feels good to be in your element. Last week’s new moon allowed you to dream big and set intentions for the next six months. Pallas and Chiron’s upcoming retrogrades force you to dive into your subconscious and clean up those dreams. Make sure that these desires are purely yours and not aspects of others. Take the time to tap into your motivations during this time. Identifying your purpose will help you avoid distractions as you enter this next phase of co-creation with the universe. 

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 7.5 – 7.11

It’ll be a dreamy week Pisces – and you’re here for it. First up, we have our Mercury Retrograde wrapping up its shadow phase (on Wednesday). For you this means clarity and healing in your sector of emotional healing, safe space and family. This aligns perfectly with the rest of the week’s themes, which revolve around a powerful Cancer New Moon. In its home sign, this new moon’s potential is particularly potent. You’re invited to dream BIG Pisces. As it moves through your sector of self-expression and individualism, it’s a time to be a little self-centred. What do you want over the next six months, for yourSELF? Use the night to prioritize you. You deserve that.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 6.28 – 7.4

Pisces, this first full week of Neptune being retrograde in your sign is likely to feel both magical and overwhelming, particularly Monday – Wednesday when the Moon is in your sign. What can you do for yourself, and only for yourself? The more you pour into yourself this week, the more free-flowing you’ll feel, and this helps you release so much of the pressure you tend to feel. Then mid-week, the Aries Moon may reward you with an exciting financial opportunity — it’s not too good to be true, you’ve worked for it, so if it feels right go for it! Spend this weekend taking stock of your possessions and assessing your current priorities under the grounded and practical Taurus Moon. Perhaps shifting your relationship with social media can help free up some of your time and increase your self-focus.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 6.21 – 6.27

Let’s celebrate, Pisces! Hopefully, we all made it through the first eclipse season of 2021 relatively unharmed. As we enter Cancer season, this is the perfect time to slow down, take a breath, and reflect on the first half of the year. Pisces, your home life has been experiencing significant energy shifts, and setting boundaries is no easy task, but you’ve been killing the game. So while the sun gets cozy with your fellow water sign, take time to pamper yourself. Manifestation works better when you feel good. So take advantage of the manifesting magic of the Capricorn full moon this week. You deserve it!

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 6.14 – 6.20

The main astrological aspect of the week is the Saturn-Uranus square on Monday, which will be felt all month long. Then on Sunday, Cancer Season begins, marking the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Pisces, Jupiter, your ruling planet, is preparing to go retrograde in your sign this Sunday on the same day as the Summer Solstice. This week may feel like you’re assessing what your priorities are, because you can intuitively tell that you’ll be more introspective and private during Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign. Your struggle may be figuring out what you’re supposed to let go of, what you’re supposed to put on pause, and when you’re supposed to ask for more help. Use the Virgo Moon on Tuesday – Thursday to get guidance from someone you trust, and then once the Moon enters Libra this weekend, let your own intuitive insights help you process your options with an open mind and aligned spirit. It may not be until Mercury shifts direct next week that you have the clarity you seek, but the fact that you’re taking time to question your journey is already a great start.