@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 1.24 – 1.30

Pisces, welcome to the first full week of Aquarius Season! You’ll find yourself daydreaming quite a bit this week, because the Sun is activating your sector of spirituality and solitude. Mars’ shift into Capricorn can make you more selective in your social circle — you’ll be shying away from people who gossip or engage in mindless small talk. You’d rather make room for your fantasies, your dreams, and your manifestations. This week’s energy can make you feel both excited and overwhelmed by all of what’s in store for you this year. You can tell that it’s going to be a special year for you, especially since Jupiter is in your sign for most of this year. But you may not know which moves to make. Keep finding peace in the transitional period, Pisces. Because once it’s go-time, you’ll be glad that you took the time to ground yourself and rest.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 1.17 – 1.23

Pisces, we start the week with the first Full Moon of the year in the sign of Cancer on Monday, highlighting your creative pursuits. What new skill do you want to take up? An art class maybe? What is your inner child in the mood for? On Tuesday, Uranus stations direct for the next 7 months, and the North Node enters Taurus for the next year and a half. A lot of energy and possibilities will open up within your exchanges and pursuit of ideas. If there’s a new field of study you want to dig into, this is the time to start. Aquarius Season kicks off on Wednesday. A time of the year with a strong focus on the unconscious. Keep a dream journal, and pay close attention to your intuition. Mercury, still retrograde, will enter the heart of the Sun on Sunday. Shining a light on what you need to let go of in order to make more space for the new.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 1.10 – 1.16

It’s an energetically charged time Skymates! This week, we have Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius, where so much of the collective awakening is already unfolding. We’re also in the last week of the lunar nodes sitting in the Gemini-Sag axis. As a result, there’s a ‘boiling up’ of themes regarding ‘truth.’ The world’s lessons over the last eighteen months are drawing to a close – rendering a temporary societal ‘split’ as to whether we’ve evolved with them, or not. Pisces, with Jupiter expanding the cosmic force of your sign, as well as all of these turbulent collective energies… you might be feeling a little more sensitive than usual. This is totally natural. We are at a crossroads as a species – and you’re one of the signs most tapped into the collective. If solitude feels necessary for you, find it. Otherwise, use discernment around who you spend your time with, and all that you’re taking in. Your energy is your currency dear Pisces, it’s up to you to truly honor it this week.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 1.3 – 1.9

Pisces, 2022 will be constantly inviting you to recognize your magic and to seize the moment. Jupiter will be balancing out the Nodes of the Moon on Monday. Generosity is key. You have so much to give. I know you can feel this, now more than ever. Are you up to bringing more kindness and love into the world? Mid-week Venus and Neptune will uplift each other. Try something adventurous and new. Unfamiliarity can be invigorating, especially when you’re getting to know a new side of yourself. During the weekend, the Sun will join forces with Venus, and shine a light on the role you play within your community. You can be a spiritual guide in the places where your people are most divided.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 12.27 – 1.2

Hey Pisces! 2022 is just days away, have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? Jupiter enters Pisces on Tuesday, and what was going on in your life from mid-May ‘til the end of July is coming back to meet you. You’ve been processing a lot this past year, and it’ll finally pay off. 2022 brings many blessings! You’ll feel anew, like you can finally be yourself! On Wednesday and Thursday, Mercury will touch the ongoing Venus/Pluto union. Look into the power you hold within your community, and how you can become more honest and uplifting through it. Mercury will enter Aquarius two days into 2022, take this time to explore your unconscious mind. Write down your dreams and go back to them from time to time. The week comes to an end with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. Pay deeper attention to who’s actually there for you and who might be draining your life force.

@KnowPisces Weekly Scope 12.20 – 12.26

Happy Holidays Skymates – 2021 is going out with a bang! This week, we first have the Sun entering Capricorn, where we’ll start to feel the call towards long-term goals and tangible achievements. On the 24th, we’ll experience the third and final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This potent energy has characterized 2021, and we’ve all felt it: the increasingly clear corruption within our authoritative structures, and rebellion. It’s been the questioning of the societal status quo, as well as the question: where do I really find love and value in my life? Pisces, there’s a message for you of Flowing. This year has been evidence of the fact that life never quite goes to plan… but in finding gratitude for your growth, you’ll notice the bigger picture behind it. The week will be a good time to reflect on how ‘closed doors,’ often led to something better than you imagined. Carrying this mentality into the new year will allow you to seamlessly move through it, evoking abundance and grace around you.