SM Weekly March 21 – March 27

Wow, that Full Moon in Virgo was intense, we may still be recuperating from all that was, consciously or unconsciously, released. But, now that the new zodiac year has finally begun, things are coming into motion and it’ll be easier to get a fresh start. For you Scorpio, a serious vibe will envelope you. You’ll want to get things done. You’ll have all the energy you need and more to get your life in order. A new health routine, a revamping of your home and work space, a cleanse and organization of your virtual world. This is where your focus will be at, and it’ll feel so good! On Friday we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn. If something came up within your communities around the 17th, check in on it, and look in to see if it’s been affecting the ways in which you think and communicate yourself. We end the week with Mercury entering Aries, helping you come up with the perfect plan for a healthier daily routine.

SM Weekly March 14 – March 20

That’s a wrap Skymates! This week starts with a Leo Moon evoking a childlike sense of excitement and renewal. Perfect, as this powerful week is the last of the astrological year. This means we’ll be experiencing both a build-up, and a beautiful sense of coming full circle. With our final Full Moon on Friday, and the Sun launching us into the new astrological year on Sunday – this week is one for tying up loose ends, reflection and cultivating gratitude. Scorpio, this week’s Full Moon invites you to find balance between themes of spirit and matter, imagination and practical manifestation, refinement and acceptance. Goal setting may be in order; especially with the upcoming new astro year; but it’s worth ensuring that this comes from a self-loving place. This Moon invites you into that sweet spot which combines both active intention, and spiritual surrender.

SM Weekly March 7 – March 13

On Thursday, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into Pisces for two weeks. This transit activates Scorpio’s sector of true love, creativity, and adventures. Life is going to feel more sweet, loving, and also deeply sensitive and wishy-washy during this transit. Scorpios are more likely to get lost in daydreams of their significant other or their potential partner(s) during this time, so if you have more serious or technical matters to resolve this week, try to do so before March 10th, because afterwards you’ll be more in a dreamy, flirtatious, and whimsical mood. This transit will provide a boost to Scorpios’ love lives, because it’ll be easier to wear our hearts on our sleeve and practice the art of vulnerability and intimacy.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 2.28 – 3.6

Scorpio, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of self-expression. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, bringing a bit of tension within the home. It may be time for a needed but hard to have conversation surrounding your roots, early life, past, or family matters. The New Moon in Pisces is blessing your talents. This is a time to infuse your expressions with the care you wish others will feel when they receive them. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto, reminding you of the power of your words. Be careful, loving and confident when you connect with others in person, through social media, email or text. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, urging you to invite more play into your life! Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality within your home and family.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 2.21 – 2.27

Scorpio, this week will bring you a sense of renewal and spaciousness. There’s a divine healing energy here, as the Sun shifts through the final zodiac sign of Pisces and towards the conclusion of the astrological year. We’re collectively entering more watery realms of spirit, emotion and connection to our own inner magic. The key word for the week is Restoration – this is a time to bring your mind, body and spirit back into alignment. Scorpio, this week you have your sector of self-expression illuminated by the Sun. As a result, you’ll likely be feeling yourself more than you have been in weeks. Enjoy this, and enjoy honoring You. There’s a message from the universe here of becoming your own biggest cheerleader. Despite the harmful ‘modesty’ narrative we sometimes receive as a society; you CAN give yourself enormous amounts of self-love and validation. You deserve that and more. 

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 2.14 – 2.20

The Leo Full Moon is the highlight of the week, Scorpio. It’s activating our sector of reputation, career, and social status, so prepare to be in the limelight! You’re being asked to show off your talents and skills with passion, courage, and confidence. Doing so will pay off remarkably. A project you’ve been working on for the past six months is likely to reach completion, or nearly so, in the first half of the week. You may receive recognition at work, and/or you may find that this is an ideal time to ask for a raise or promotion in your current job setting. Entrepreneurs are likely to feel more driven and motivated with this Leo Full Moon, especially since Mars, our planetary ruler, is currently in the grounded sign of Capricorn.