@KnowScorpio Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Venus passes the North Node this week in your sector of shadow work and shared resources, scorpio, an alignment that adds some delicious fuel to the flame of your rebirth and ascension. Most of this will come from your ability to accept that people want to invest in you, your growth, and your success with no strings attached. This is the love you know you deserve, but it’s important that your grip on it isn’t too tight. Half the process of ascending is allowing yourself to get grounded as well, so take it as it comes with gratitude without irrationally fearing the loss of it.

@KnowScorpio Weekly Scopes 5.3 – 5.9

The power of word can offer fantastic healing benefits for you this week, Scorpio. Venus and Mercury enter your sector of shadow work and shared resources, activating within you the desire to transmute your vulnerabilities into spells of self empowerment. Pay close attention to how certain sets of words laid out in affirmations feel in your gut and your belly. This is how you harness a very special creative power within you that you can use to clear out blocks of shame and doubt from your sacrum. So basically, communication gets sexy again for you this week.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scopes 4.26 – 5.2

Happy annual Scorpio full moon! You’re on fire this week, Scorpio. You’re literally rising from your ashes, like the stunning Phoenix being that you are. No one can tell what you’re transforming into next, perhaps not even yourself. This week is about being present with the new chapter that’s opening up for you. Either a professional fresh start or romantic ending / new beginning will help you see yourself and your path with new eyes. Commit to this week with a spirit of curiosity at the signs and synchronicities that emerge, especially once Pluto Retrograde begins the 27th.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scopes 4.18 – 4.24

Happy Taurus Season, Scorpio! Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all come into an electrifying alignment in Taurus this week to kick off the season, which will shake up your sector of partnerships and one-on-one interactions. It’s not that the people around you are unreliable, it may just be that their values don’t align with yours, and that’s ok. Let this week will offer a learning curve on the subject of trusting the intentions of others, where you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the ride-or-dies who continue to show up with you as you come into alignment with your goals.