@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 10.25 – 10.31

Scorpio, the week starts out with some intense energy between Venus in your area of finances and Neptune in your area of creativity. When it comes to your resources, it’s ok to let things change, healthy even in this day and age. Just make sure you’re making space for your passion. Mid-week the Waning Quarter Moon in Leo will be igniting your long-term goals. A reminder to show up for your goals with all that you are, you can’t just bring one part of you along for the ride. The week comes to an end with Mars entering Scorpio, collectively connecting us deeper into our desires. Your sense of self and how you come into the world are going to get a boost of energy. What are your strengths? This is a good time to remind yourself of them. Let any pent up emotions come to the surface to be released.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 10.18 – 10.24

Welcome to Scorpio Season! The Sun enters our sign on the 23rd, but we’ll feel the impending energy as early as Monday the 18th, especially since both Mercury and Jupiter end their retrogrades in the air signs of Libra and Aquarius. After months of perceived delays or re-routes, we can feel the tide turning as our goals become more clearly defined and our paths to getting there become evident. Since every retrograde has a post-shadow period for several weeks, Scorpios should take their time Monday – Wednesday as Mercury and Jupiter find their bearings. While a part of us may want to leap into action, it’s best to spend the remaining days of Libra Season in quiet contemplation of how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve grown. Things can feel lighter for us as the month of October rounds out — we just have to give ourselves permission to feel and embrace the lightness while it’s here.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 10.11 – 10.17

Scorpio, Saturn going direct comes as a reminder that nothing new grows within the comfort zone. May your roots serve as an anchor so you can branch out into new territories. The Waxing Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday wants you to connect with others in conversation. Some very illuminating information may come through, hints about where to go next. Venus will get some balancing and uplifting vibes throughout the week from Saturn, Chiron, and Mercury. Your home is your safe space. Boundaries are needed so you can rest within your body. Bringing routine and order into your space will be so healing. Allow your dreams to stream messages through. Make space for meditation. We end the week with a clash between the Sun and Pluto. Reminding you that you don’t have to sacrifice your spiritual nature in order to play and laugh at the little things.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 10.4 – 10.10

Scorpio, as we’re leading up to Wednesday’s Libra New Moon, you’re deepening your awareness of your own insecurities, trauma responses, and fears — and you’re approaching them with love and compassion rather than with harsh self-judgment. By reminding yourself of your humanity, all while still activating your Scorpio superpowers, you’ll flow through this new moon week with the awareness that you can always begin anew and change course as needed.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 9.27 – 10.3

Scorpio, Mercury goes retrograde on Monday in your area of spirituality. Follow your need for retreat and quiet these next three weeks. If you can, ask for some days off and go out into nature by yourself. If not, make sure to take some time throughout your days to nurture your inner life. Connect with your dreams and your intuition. Midweek, Mercury will come into a tense alignment with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. You want to get real with the people in your life. You want to be true to your word, and to bring the unspoken into your conversations. Connecting with your inner silence and your inner plees can help you get there. We close the week with a stretching alignment between the Sun and Chiron, the wounded healer, here to highlight your daily rituals and how you heal through them.

@ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Scope 9.20 – 9.26

This week relationships are back in the spotlight. First, we dive deep into a Pisces Full Moon, tapping back into our spiritual connection and power. Scorpio. you’ll be feeling extra intuitive and tapped in (as with any Full Moon) – yet this one might just bring you a unique sense of lightness and play. It’ll be the perfect attitude to carry into the next few days, as we shift into Libra season. Ruled by Venus, Libra rules relationships as well as the phenomena of mirroring. It’s the point in the zodiac where we learn about ourselves… through the other. With Uranus retrograde still stirring up your sector of relationship, this will bring about whole new layers of perspective within them. This week will be about noticing, accepting and celebrating the differences of others… for the many gifts they bring you.