KnowTaurus June ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Rediscovering your truth, soul searching and self-honesty, honoring your needs, examining fears, loving on yourself

Taurus, you’ve probably felt like your journey has been intensified since mid-2022, where we had a lunar nodal shift activate your sign. A cosmic spotlight has been beaming down on you since that point, doing its best to uncover truths and provide you with illuminative expansion.

June is the last full month where the Lunar North Node is in your sign, which means you’re wrapping up one of the most expansive portals you’ll see over the next decade. For this reason, it’s one to listen closely to whispers of the cosmos and pay attention to the signs. It’ll be a month where if you lean into radical self-honesty, your whole life can change course.

Immediately, you have a mini portal activated on June 1st, where a conjunction (meeting) between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node takes place in your sign. You’ll likely feel this as a general sense of optimism, renewed hope or empowerment.
Here, you’re being reminded that it’s your journey, and you’re at the wheel. Honoring your truest desires (even the ones that scare you) is a non-negotiable act of self-love. June is a time to stop pretending everything is okay for a pseudo-sense of “keeping peace.” It’s time to vocalize your needs, and act on them regardless of whose feathers will be ruffled, or which skeletons may fall out of the closet.

Speaking of skeletons, June 3rd sees a Full Moon in Sagittarius that carries a distinctive theme of “truth.” Because this one activates your sector of subconscious fears, you might notice some suppressed feelings rising to the surface. Tip: if you notice yourself feeling emotional, triggered or frustrated around this time – take some time out for yourself and sit with it. Lean into the feelings with patience, until the truth behind them is revealed. Maybe it means you’re off course with your life dreams, overextending yourself at work, or not being realistic about the dynamics of your relationship. As a Taurus it might feel easier to stay in ignorant bliss, but you do know in your heart that will never end well. This Moon encourages you to rip off the bandaid, and feel that much more empowered for it.

Speaking of empowerment, your ruling planet (Venus) is entering Leo on June 5th. You can consider this as a cosmic invitation to be self-centered. Venus in Leo collectively reminds us that this is a medicine we could (almost) all use a little more in our lives. If we each honored the filling of our own cups, the world would be a much more functional place. Taurus, you’ll be here for it. Spoil yourself, say no, and take up as much space as you can possibly allow.

Contrasting vibes arise with a Gemini New Moon (June 18th), which invites you into sensuality and stillness. This might mean going into nature, getting a massage, or mindfully cooking yourself a hearty meal. Taurus, his Moon is going to be about minimizing noise and influence, and getting back to simple pleasures. You’re reminded that when you have less external stimulus, you’ll be more aware of the rich inner world within yourself.

And what better time to learn as much as you can about this world, than Cancer season (June 21st)? This glorious transit of the Sun will remind you of the gentle empowerment that rests within your inner beauty, kindness and depths. You can use Mercury entering Cancer (June 26th) as an opportunity to challenge yourself into expressing yourself with more vulnerability, kindness and openness towards others. Remind yourself: you’re safe to share your magic. You’re safe to share the truth of who you are.

KnowTaurus May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Celebration, gratitude and counting blessings, relationships, new beginnings

Taurus we’re officially in your solar season and accordingly, it’s going to be a magical month. Mercury has gone retrograde through your sign, but that just means you’re going to be experiencing life in a deeper way. Momentum may feel like it’s slowed down a bit. But the good news is, this is just going to intensify the beauty within the many wonderful aspects of your life. Why not start a daily gratitude list? Doing so will make this month even more technicolor. Love that for you.

There are certainly some challenging transits coming up in May, but with the sun shining down from your sign, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel equipped and supported in dealing with them. On May 1st we have a Pluto retrograde beginning in the sign of Aquarius. This retrograde activates your sector of finances and career – and because Pluto is associated with fears, you might notice your own limiting beliefs around themes of abundance and wealth. Where are you letting yourself be ruled by a fear of losing security? Or disempowering yourself in terms of being able to cultivate abundance for yourself? Generating a sense of inner abundance is one of the best ways to magnetize external manifestations with a similar resonance. This could just mean taking the time to (literally) smell the roses, and once again enjoy the many blessings around you.

On May 5th the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is activating your sign in a major way, as it’s on your zodiac axis (taking place in the opposite sign, Scorpio). This means you’ll be noticing an emphasis, or shifts within your relationships. This could arise as a deepening of previous relationships, rifts arising, an old friend reaching out or a new connection. Stay open and don’t get too in your head about labeling events around this time as “good” or “bad.” Eclipse energy tends to be disruptive in a way that only makes sense once it’s over.

On May 7th love is in the air with Venus entering the watery sign of Cancer. As this activates your social sector, you might feel more inclined to get out there and meet new people. This is a time where the universe reminds you that there’s always something to learn from everyone around you, even if it’s what not to do.

We see Mercury finally going direct (in your sign) on May 14th. While the slowness of the last weeks may have felt like a break and opportunity to reset – with Mercury direct in your sign, you’re going to feel wonderful. You may notice that the efforts you’re extending are naturally going further than they have in weeks. It’ll just simply be easier to conceive and complete tasks. The question here is: what should you be doing with your time? How can you allocate your energy to its best use?

A New Moon on May 19th (in your lovely sign) invites you into a space of new beginnings and initiation. New Moons always present portals of manifestation, and this one will be extra potent for you. It’ll be a wonderful time to birth, release, or call in what you’d like to see over the next twelve months. If you haven’t already done so this year, it could be a great time to create a vision board or simply a list of goals. The next day we wrap up the sun’s transit through your sign as it moves into Gemini (May 20th), evoking a distinctively spiritual flavor to your next four weeks. It’ll be a good time to ruminate and process the shifts that have been unfolding over your birthday season. More than that, it’ll provide the perfect foundation to meet the new waves of fresh energy that approach with your new solar cycle.Why not make it your best one yet?

KnowTaurus April ’23 Scope

Key Themes: big shifts, courage, trusting your instincts and intuition, taking action, dreaming and believing

Taurus, how you approach April might just change the trajectory of your whole life. You’ll be experiencing some huge shifts (if you haven’t already), and the choices you make (or not) will determine the flavor of some key checkpoints in your life. Notice how you reacted to the last sentences. Did you feel a sense of dread? Or a sense of excitement and “bring it on?”

Either way, the universe is inviting you to step into your power, courage and sense of personal embodiment. And don’t worry, you’re supported in this immediately – with Mercury entering your sign, on April 3. Here, you’re going to feel a distinctive sense of mental clarity, as well a sense of grounding. If there have been any choices pressing on you, now’s the time to make your decisions and to take action. Book that trip, apply for that job, end that relationship – whatever it may be. You’re encouraged here to honor your instincts and to trust your intuition by taking action, without allowing self-doubting thoughts to perpetuate delay.

Skipping forward a bit – you’ll be able to compare this time to the weeks after April 21st, where we begin a Mercury retrograde in your sign, up until May 14th. During this period, decision making may not be as clear and simple… and that’s okay too. Not only will you be learning to appreciate how clearly your instincts usually do come through, you’ll also be in a space of taking in new influences and breaking down old mental structures which do not serve you.

But back to mid-April! On April 11th, we have your planetary ruler (Venus) entering the multi-faceted sign of Gemini. This transit will once again encourage you to broaden your perspectives, to actively see things from outside-the-box. You might start feeling more drawn to new people, conversations or sources of inspiration. This will also be an enriching time to pick up a new language, or to begin studying anything else that floats your boat.

A dreamy day arises on April 14th, with Saturn forming a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node in your sign. This kind of cosmic signature will give rise to epiphanies, and remembrance that if you can see your dreams… you can reach them. It’ll be the perfect time for goal setting, vision boarding or even just daydreaming about what you’re ready to see realized in this lifetime. What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world?

Such reflections will make the perfect backdrop for our New Moon Solar Eclipse that takes place on April 20th, in the sign of Aries. This potent activation will illuminate your sector of spiritual connection, so get ready for things to get trippy. If there were ever a time to meditate or dive into all things esoteric – it would be now.

Doing so, will provide you with a deep sense of solace, as well as a lens of magic through which you’ll be able to enter your magical season on the very same day (as the Sun moves into Taurus). Look out world, it’s Taurus season!

KnowTaurus March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Your evolution, learning about yourself, self-love, remedying loneliness, manifestation.

Lovely Taurus, March will be a chapter of growth.

There’s a momentum and reverberation of energy increasing over the next few months, and you’ll likely be feeling it. The Moon’s Nodes are moving towards wrapping up their transit of both your sign, and (your opposite) Scorpio. As the Nodes shift, they tighten into a tension with Pluto (planet of transformation). Taurus, as one of the signs currently within the nodal polarity, for you, this is big. You might be experiencing it as the feeling that something revolutionary is about to unfold – and you may just be right!

The Lunar Nodes offer us unique opportunities to grow and expand our identities beyond all we’ve ever known. This is the journey you’re currently on. It’s huge, amazing and requires grace. Honor yourself with enough rest, relaxation and nurturance. Be sure to give yourself patience, and space to embrace the learning curve. The universe wants to remind you that “mistakes” are a part of life – and closed doors simply redirect us towards more fitting open ones.

Besides, you will be given all the tools you need. On March 2nd, Mercury (planet of communication) enters Pisces. Because this activates your sector of belonging, you’ll be feeling more inclined towards group dynamics. It’ll feel both comforting and expansive to join a new class, or online community. You may have the feeling that your journey is a little more solo than you’d like it to be, in some ways. If this has been the case, trust that it can just as easily flow the other way. New friends and connections await.

Soon after (March 7th), we have our month’s Full Moon in Virgo. For you, this activates your sector of identity. As you may have already gathered, March carries a strong theme of learning about yourself, and this moon further supports that. This Full Moon is all about refining, clearing and purifying – because the sign of Virgo is methodical, logical and practical. This will be a powerful moon for laying it all out on the table Taurus. Literally. Use visual tools, such as drawing mind maps to get clear on where you’re currently at, and what you would like to see unfold over the next six months.

The theme of practical manifestation is even more present because on the same day, we have Saturn shifting into Pisces. Saturn has been in your career and finances sector, so expect to feel some full circle moments!

On March 16, the month takes a breezier turn, as your planetary ruler (Venus) enters your sign, until April 11th. This will feel like a wave of relief and solace. Here, it becomes obvious that pressure to get ahead will only stop you from enjoying the now. The universe is reminding you that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

This will be a good foundation to carry alongside you into Aries season (March 19th), and the start of the New Astrological year. This blank slate, reinvigorating time of the cosmos will flavor the Aries New Moon (March 21st) – one of the most significant manifestation dates of the year.

You’ll be balancing your sense of grounding(Venus in your sign), momentum (Sun in Aries), as well as connection to your inner world, as Mars moves into Cancer on March 25th. Here, all of your actions will carry more emotional charge, which can be both a positive or more challenging thing. There’s a reminder here to avoid taking things too personally.

KnowTaurus February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Abundance and alignment, empowerment through stepping up, connecting with like-minded souls on a deeper level, motivation

Taurus, change is in the air. Whether that means you’re on the tail-end of a radical shift, or just about to experience one – February will be a month of shifting landscapes, and this can be a beautiful thing. With Uranus and the Lunar North Node in your sign, the universe is prompting you to explore the unknown: new and improved ways of approaching life, and your journey.

The month begins with a Leo Full Moon on Feb 5th. Leo energy is all about confidence, self-empowerment and boldness – all of which you can tap into around this time. So much of the lion’s zodiac’s signature is about honoring exactly who you are, and with this moon activating your sector of career and finance – it’ll be a time to marry the two spheres.

How can you bring more or your authentic self into the work you do… and in the process, open up more abundance? This could mean stepping up into a leadership role, being more assertive and vulnerable with colleagues, or even a total career shift. When we guard ourselves (whether it’s dressed up as ‘professionality’ or not), often we create uncomfortable walls and spaces which don’t quite fit who we are. This week, the universe reminds you that you’ll have the richest experience of life when you’re yourself.

Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Aquarius on Feb 11th, joining Saturn who’s in its closing chapter of the sign. This is hugely significant, as Saturn will only return to Aquarius in approximately thirty years! This means we’re collectively experiencing a strong push, or a ‘boiling point’ of Saturn-Aquarius themes. Think: ideas like networking, creating a village, innovation, and radical change. All the above may become more present in your life now (especially if you’re going through your Saturn return).

That Aquarian theme of networking and connecting with other souls will follow you through the month, as both Pisces season (Feb 18th) and the Pisces New Moon (Feb 20th) activate your sector of community. Whether that means tapping into the authentic self-expression that you accessed earlier in the month, or simply being a little more open – this will be a good time to find others who deeply resonate with you. Think: a soul tribe who can inspire, support and encourage. Alternatively: a select few people who can remind you of different approaches.

Taurus, as a fixed sign, you can occasionally appropriately get quite fixed on how things should go. This month the universe reminds you to consciously open and allow yourself to be inspired by others.

On Feb 20th, your planetary ruler (Venus) enters the fiery sign of Aries. This will feel like a spark being reignited, particularly within your concept of self. It’ll be a wonderful time to lean into impulses. Don’t second guess yourself. Book a trip, or spoil and surprise yourself, in whatever ways you can – the point is, take action and do something for just you.

KnowTaurus January ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Fresh starts, emotional release, forgiveness, communication, trusting the universe

Taurus, you’ve made it to 2023! With Uranus in your sign until 2026, this will be another year of evolution, and you’re ready for it. On Jan 6th we have our first Full Moon of the year, and because the moon is in her home sign of Cancer, it’s bound to be one of the most emotional and potent nights of the year.

We tend to assume that all the releasing of our last year happens around New Year’s Day, but this is rarely the case. You can use the Full Moon (and days surrounding) to deeply reflect on your 2022 journey; to re-examine any wounds which need your attention; to find gratitude, and your new path forward. Taurus, because the moon activates your sector of mental processing, you might find yourself feeling more objective, at peace and calm about things which were previously quite charged. It will be a good time to consciously let go of any resentments and grudges – and be honest with yourself about what really exists. True forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Healthy communication could be the key.

The idea of healthy communication arises again a week later (Jan 12th) with Mars (the planet of action) ending its retrograde, and going direct in the sign of Gemini.

A week later (Jan 18th) we also end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. If you feel like you have any loose threads or words left unsaid, now will be a time to wrap up all the above. Assertive honesty (from a place of compassion) will be your friend. It’s a new year, and a new chance to get clear on your expectations and boundaries – whether this is in a work sense, friendship, family connection or romantic partnership.

On Jan 20th, Aquarius season begins, inaugurated with a New Moon on Jan 21st. For you this activates your sector of finances and career. This means that it will be a particularly powerful moon for working on manifestation. Visualize your wildest dreams, then some of the details that it could take to get there. Astrology (and actually all of Nature) is all about rhythms and cycles. Time can be our friend. Set some tangible goals for yourself over the next six months – then examine all that unfolded when you arrive at the next Aquarius Full Moon, in August.

A day later (Jan 22nd), Uranus goes direct in your sign. This shift will bring some clarity and the sensation that the pieces of life are beginning to fit together in a new and healthier way. There’s also the potential that a few surprises could arise. If this is the case, no matter how uncomfortable – trust that they’re here to provide the lessons that your soul has invited.