KnowTaurus December ’23 Scope

Key themes: connecting authentically, embracing new movement, honoring the earth, joyful preparation

Taurus, December will gift you the epic finale to 2023 that you deserve. Get ready for transformation, magic, new energy, restoration and most importantly – a soothed nervous system.

On December 4th, Venus enters your opposite sign (Scorpio), and illuminates your sector of relationships. This sphere of your life has been activated all year Taurus, and will continue to be a major theme (with a slightly different tone) next year as well. The ways you’re connecting (or opting not to) are changing – whether that’s with your intimate partner, colleagues, family or friends. What’s important here is that you’re connecting in ways that align with your truth. Each time you tell a “harmless” white lie, laugh off someone’s ignorance, or tolerate your boundaries being crossed – you shift the way that you interact with the world. More specifically – you distort the signal of your authentic truth, so it’s not able to be received, heard or understood by others around you. As a result, you may attract connections which just aren’t it, and you’ll lose out on genuine relationships. For you, Venus in Scorpio may feel uncomfortable, or too revealing – but there’s a lesson here. You’re invited to lower your guard and be vulnerable. Rejection, messiness, honesty and conflict are all necessary parts of relating to others… and often it’s only on the other side of these that a deeper connection can form. You deserve this and more!

There’s an ongoing theme of connection this month for you… with Neptune going direct (December 6th) and activating your sector of community and belonging. You might feel more inclined to join group settings, classes or movements; or to lean into the simple pleasures of sharing space with others. Why not join a New or Full Moon share circle, or hold your own?

Speaking of which, on December 12th the New Moon takes place in Sagittarius, bringing with it a purifying fire. This will be the perfect New Moon (last of the year) for releasing that which feels redundant, and calling in your new desires. Plant seeds of future visions through journaling, vision boarding or simply speaking your dreams aloud.

The next day, Mercury goes retrograde (December 13th), and despite its reputation – this transit offers you gifts. You may notice yourself feeling increasingly restless or bored, which is often step one to building momentum. The next few weeks will be the perfect time to tune into what makes you feel the most passion, joy or excitement. Try to lean into spontaneity and see where it takes you. We are in Sagittarius season after all!

On Dec 21st this shifts, with the Sun entering Capricorn for our annual Solstice. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice will mark your shortest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice reflects the longest period of sunlight. Beautifully, every year, this dance of seasons synchronizes perfectly with Cancer and Capricorn season… and as the sign of nature, portals such as these are particularly powerful for you Taurus. This will be the perfect time to get into nature, quieten your mind and tune into your body for the wisdom it holds. Why not try a guided meditation (there are lots on YouTube? Better yet, go for a hike or simply sit on a patch of bare earth. Nothing matters here; no stress, dramas or worries. You can simply enjoy the gift of being human, of breathing, and being alive on this glorious planet.

We bring the year to a close with powerful Full Moon vibes (Dec 26th ) in Cancer, offering you a window of emotional reflection and catharsis. You’ll be receiving a renewed sense of calm and optimism up to and on December 30th, where Jupiter (planet of expansion and synchronicity) auspiciously goes direct in your sign. 2024 is your year to bloom Taurus. Trust this, and allow your desires to flow and inform your actions. What are you calling in for the new year?

KnowTaurus November ’23 Scope

Key themes: decluttering and shedding materially, the end of people pleasing, honest conversations, digging deeper, becoming a “beginner”

Dear Taurus, eclipse season is over, but November will continue to bring you plenty of transformation. With openness, awareness, courage and intention on your end, this month can lead you into some incredible life shifts.

You might feel this coming through on November 4th, with Saturn wrapping up its Pisces retrograde that began in June. For you this illuminates your sector of belonging and community. Because Saturn rules things like societal conditioning, authority and tradition, you’ll notice a window of change arising, concerning the ways you relate to others around you. If you have any people-pleasing tendencies, you’ll likely start to feel extra aware of them. This might mean feeling fed up – but then eventually, more empowered; equipped to be and share yourself more truthfully. Perhaps it will mean suddenly understanding how to gracefully navigate relational dynamics, without feeling dominated by another’s energy. Saturn’s often a place where we’ve been told to behave a certain way, and if not, we’re terrible people. Yet, with this transit in Pisces (the sign of spiritual realms), the universe offers you strength from deeper (or higher) reservoirs. Perhaps your sense of “right or wrong,” or the standards of behavior you align yourself with, should not be dictated by anyone else, but rather derived from an inner knowing which you’ve always had.

On November 8th, your planetary ruler (Venus) enters Libra, activating your sector of wellbeing, refinement and detoxification. This will be a wonderful time to lean into the act of minimizing, Taurus. As a sign that deeply appreciates the material and sensual realms, it can be easy to become attached to “things.” Yet, Venus in its other home sign, reminds you of the beauty within lightness and change. Often, we accumulate dead weight without even realizing it – and so this transit encourages you to minimize and declutter where possible. Doing so will always catalyze an energetic shift. As you shake off redundant energies, you’ll encourage a healthy flow of cleansing and release in your life, making space for the new to come through. Think: gifts from exes, books you never read, clothes you don’t wear (say, more than once in the last two years), or items that simply annoy you. Perhaps it’s thrift store donation time!

On November 13th, we have our new Moon in Scorpio which activates your sector of relationships. This moon carries the penetrative x-ray nature of Scorpio, and an illuminative signature which reveals layers beneath the surface. With Mercury also here, it could be time for some transparent conversations, exposing (or discovering) the truth, and/or boundary setting. Keep in mind that New Moons dictate the energy of the lunar cycle – so, being wise with your choices and words here will pay off into December and beyond.

On November 22nd, we officially leave Scorpio season, with the Sun entering the fiery sign of Sagittarius (Mars joining a few days later), on November 24. Sag energy has a complimentary influence on your grounded way of being Taurus. It’s a sign which embraces dynamism, movement and change – whilst being driven by a definitive purpose. This is energy you can get behind.

With Ceres also entering Sag on November 25th, there’s reminder from the universe that it’s important that you shake things up every now and again; and that throwing yourself into the deep end can sometimes be the most self-loving choice. Taurus, as a fixed sign you may not be too keen on placing yourself in situations where you’re a beginner, out of your depth, or slightly uncomfortable. Yet, doing so holds potential for your beautiful soul to expand and shine even more gloriously. Plus often, this is actually where the magic happens…

KnowTaurus October ’23 Scope

Key themes: Your outward expression, authenticity in relationships and radical honesty, new habits, trusting your journey, community and connection

Taurus, we’re officially at eclipse season once again, and with October culminating in a Taurus Lunar Eclipse… this month is going to be big.

We kick off with Mercury entering Libra on October 4th, which for you activates your sector of wellbeing and detoxification. This transit encourages you to reflect on the ways that you communicate and express yourself in the world, a theme which will flavor the whole month. Think of questions such as: where do you hold back from sharing your truth? In what ways could you express, with more clarity and ease?

While this is quite a social transit, it goes deeper than just communication and into realms of authenticity. You might be noticing the ways that you communicate, vary between person to person and while this is natural to some degree, it may be worth acknowledging where you’re putting a guard up for fears of rejection, or whatever else. It’s only when you reveal and shine your true light Taurus that the world will be able to receive you and your full glory. And you deserve that reflection, too.

On October 8th, Venus, your ruling planet, enters Virgo, activating your sector of self-expression and self-perception. Once again, you’ll feel this theme of authenticity arising. With Venus here, your priorities also suddenly become more practical and oriented towards our well-being. This will be a wonderful time (with Venus also reflecting our personal value systems) to refine your daily habits so that they may best serve you. As a Taurus, perhaps even more so than other signs you truly flourish with a high degree of space, sovereignty, ease and comfort. This Transit encourages you to acknowledge where certain aspects of your life are stuck, draining, toxic or simply not aligned – so that you may swap them out for healthier options.

We are in eclipse season after all Taurus, so reminder: don’t be afraid to take a radical U-turns. Admitting that you’ve changed your mind simply reveals that you’ve grown as a person – and is sometimes what’s necessary.

On October 10th, one of the heaviest Retrogrades of the year ends with Pluto going direct in Capricorn. This transit has been inviting you to connect your life, with your career and the work that you bring to the world; to ask whether your soul passions are being met, and how meaningful your journey really does (or does not) currently feel. Clarity may flow through this time…

Speaking of clarity, our New Moon Solar Eclipse (October 14th) falls in the sign of Libra. Despite being further along in the Zodiac, Libras are kind of a sibling sign to you Taurus, as both signs are co-ruled by Venus. If one considers Taurus our relationship to self, the sign of Libra is more about our relationship with others. This new moon offers you the opportunity to reset the way that you’re connecting and doing relationships – and because it takes place on the new nodal axis, you’ll likely see this theme playing out for the next year.

On October 22nd Mercury (planet of communication) enters Scorpio, with the Sun joining the next day. Scorpio season is notoriously intense, and this may be particularly true for you, with the water sign being your opposite sign. Yet, there is an incredible amount of power in exactly this fact… and you’ll feel it all the way up until October 28th, where a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sign.

This eclipse wraps up a major cycle, which means get ready for: surprises, closure, plot twists, opportunities, or endings. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most grounding moons of the year. The reminder here is to trust yourself; trust your path; and trust that you are carried by the universe.

It’ll be easier to believe with Saturn going direct on Pisces, on November 4th – a transit which illuminates your sector of community and belonging. If you’ve felt lonely, disconnected, or alienated for the past few years… know that this (typical Saturn Aquarius) was an experience you were meant to have. Now with Saturn in Pisces, you’ll be remembering that you can be and flourish as part of a supportive tribe.

KnowTaurus September ’23 Scope

Key themes: Slowing down, widening horizons, play and lightness, decluttering energy

Dear Taurus, September will feel slower, calmer and more grounded.

We begin with your planetary ruler, Venus, stationing direct in Leo, on September 3rd. You might feel a wave of contentment, clarity or a full circle moment. Because this transit was activating your sector of emotional healing, it could be a nice time to consciously journal or explore your feelings. Is there anything they’re trying to tell you? You also may want to consider sharing or opening up to a friend or lover. You can be a closed book sometimes Taurus, but it’s worth remembering that the ones who love you will want to support you, where and when they can. We do have multiple planets retrograde right now, contributing to what may have felt like more challenging times than usual. Venus stationing direct signifies the start of a more peaceful chapter ahead.

The next day (September 4th) brings Jupiter retrograde through your sign. Jupiter rules the ninth house and themes like personal expansion, life purpose and lived experience. When this planet goes retrograde, we’re collectively invited to broaden our horizons. Taurus, Jupiter is also all about how you arrive at our own personal sense of “meaning,” and because this retrograde moves through your sector of identity and desire – you’ll be working with some soul-shaping themes.

Mercury is retrograde (through Virgo) for a bit longer too, inviting you to reconsider your mental frameworks – but this retrograde is more about doing. I invite you to step into situations, or environments which feel challenging and new, but in all the right ways.

The New Moon in Virgo (on Sep 14th), right before Mercury stations direct in Virgo – is going to bring a sense of revitalization which you are here for. Here, there’s an illumination and reactivation of your sector of play, romance and self-expression. If life, or the world have been feeling heavy, this will be a good time to intentionally disengage – even if just for a little while. It’ll be a potent time to get creative, flirty or to just lean into fun.

Besides, boundaries and self-care are themes for the month, with the sun entering Libra and marking the fall or spring equinox, depending on your hemisphere (23rd September). This auspicious day where we tune deeply into the seasons and cycles of the earth, will also illuminate your sector of wellbeing and detoxification. This is a powerful time to lean into “spring cleaning” energy Taurus. You’ll benefit from decluttering your world, whether that means tidying your physical environment, or having an overdue and honest conversation with a friend.

This month’s Full Moon takes place in Aries (September 29th), activating your sector of spiritual healing and initiating a potent window for release, self-reflection and healing. This will be a time to (as best you can) tune into forces higher, bigger, and wiser than the usual. Connecting with your ancestors, meditation and journaling will be particularly expansive here. Take the chance to learn even more about yourself, and fall further in love in the process. Remember, Taurus: you are watched over, guided, loved and supported.

KnowTaurus August ’23 Scope

Key themes: clarity, honoring your authentic self, sharing your truth, plot twists

Taurus, you’ve just experienced a huge activation. The lunar nodes just shifted zodiac polarities, after 18 months of the North Node in your sign. You may feel this as a subtle sense of empowerment, clarity and feelings of a fresh chapter. We’re collectively entering a new direction of expansion, with the Nodes now on the Aries-Libra axis. In other words, from now through to January of 2025, you’re embarking on a journey which deepens your sense of self, authenticity, and fearlessness. Aries is all about those leaps of faith and taking action – both of which will be encouraged and rewarded by the cosmos now more than ever.

But first thing’s first! On August 1st, we have an Aquarius Full Moon, which may feel particularly auspicious for you Taurus. Mercury (in Virgo) will be harmoniously connecting Jupiter (planet of expansion) who’s currently transiting your sign. This might feel like mental clarity, new ideas or opportunities. Keep an open mind Taurus.

On August 9th, some potentially challenging vibes arise with Venus (your planetary ruler) who’s currently retrograde, forming a tension with Uranus, which currently transits your sign. This could manifest as a plot twist, or surprise which jolts you out of your comfort zone Taurus. Venus retrograde through Leo reflects a journey of staying true to your authentic self, especially when it comes to relationships. Taurus, you’re being invited to voice your needs and boundaries – regardless of how “selfish,” or childish they could seem.
Themes of selfhood continue throughout the month (it is Leo season until the 23rd after all) – and will be heightened around the Leo New Moon on August 16th. If there was ever a time to reconnect with your inner child, this would be it Taurus. Lean into a sense of play, and anything that lights you up. Maybe that means getting a massage, or spoiling yourself with a meal out. This is the universe reminding you to treat and honor yourself as the divine being that you are.

You’ll feel a notable shift on August 23rd as we enter Virgo season, on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde through Virgo (through to September 14th). Illuminating your sector of self-expression, this retrograde is going to continue challenging you (in all the best ways) when it comes to authenticity. You’re being invited to notice the places where you stay ‘small’ or quiet, simply to blend in or for fear of judgment. Taurus, the world is ready to see you and your gifts in their glorious totality.

More plot twist energy arises on August 28th, where Uranus stations retrograde in your sign Taurus. Get ready for the unexpected, as the planet of the future activates your sector of identity. Uranus rules the nervous system, so if you start to feel a little charged, scattered or restless, not to worry. You can always bring in grounding practices to slow things down. Think: yoga, denser meals, more naps or meditation.

KnowTaurus July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Transformation, building your life with intention, play, full circle moments, authenticity and Self

Taurus, July might just be one of the most transformative months of your year. Midway through the month we have some huge collective astrology, and it’s unfolding in your magical sign.

But first, the month kicks off with a Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. This auspicious moon will inspire you towards taking practical actions in the direction of your dream life. Because it aligns with the planetary nodes of Jupiter, and forms a harmonious connection with Jupiter (currently in your sign), it’s as though inspiration (or restlessness) will have the volume turned up. Capricorn is all about long term goals; building, creating abundance and leaving an impact on the world. These are the themes that will be on your mind, and here the universe invites you to take pragmatic first steps. For you, this might involve a leap of faith, stretching beyond your personal limitations (as the Moon forms a tension to Chiron) – but you’re being reminded that so often, that’s exactly where the magic is.

More of this practical, life-building energy infuses the month with Mars (planet of action) entering Virgo (July 10th) . You’ll enjoy this kind of spring cleaning vibe, which gently but firmly motivates the collective towards detoxing, minimizing and organizing. If you’ve had any life admin hovering over you, now’s the time to get to work. And it’s not all work, with Mercury entering Leo the next day (July 11th). When the planet of communication is in the bold and passionate sign of Leo, life tends to become a little bit warmer, lighter and more playful. Leo energy correlates with the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of humor. Here, you’re invited to lean into fun; and the connections, films, or pets that bring you laughter and joy. This is medicine too.

A week later that powerful astrology that I mentioned earlier starts to heat up with the Lunar Nodes shifting out of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and into Aries (North Node) and Libra (South Node). If you’ve felt like life has been particularly accelerative (whether that felt easeful or challenging) over the last 18 months, you’re probably right. The North Node was in your sign Taurus, speeding up your journey of self-growth and realization. It’s not to say that you’re done, just that rather than the focus on abundance, security and self-identity (that came with your sign on the North Node); you’ll now be on an emphasized journey of balancing your individuality with relationships.

The transiting Lunar Nodes provide a huge (but subtle) backdrop to the evolutionary journey of our human family. It’s as if (to a large degree) they flavor the unfolding and direction we’re heading in. So, with this shift, the world might feel quite different in an unexplainable but profound way. Be gentle with yourself as it can be a little unsettling – but the good news is, now you know why!

Speaking of unsettling, the usual exciting time of the Sun’s departure out of Cancer season and into its ruler Leo (July 22nd), is a little different this year. On the very day, your ruler (Venus) begins its retrograde through Leo. This will be another potent transit for you Taurus; and one where you’re invited to closely examine your relationship to self. Specifically, the ways you relate inwardly to yourself, your emotions and truths; as well as how authentically and fearlessly you express all of the above in the world. For example, you might begin to feel old and redundant conditioning, which has led you to taking up less space in the world than you should. Maybe you’re still afraid of how you’ll be judged. Until early September, these are the kinds of wounds you’ll be visiting, pouring love into, and releasing.