KnowTaurus December ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Identifying your priorities, simple pleasures, loosening up a sense of ‘control,’ and cultivating adventure

Taurus, the month of December, invites you to wrap up the year with a deepened connection to yourself, community, spirit and adventure. It asks you to shake free any sense of obligation, weight, and pressure, as well as the ‘striving for achievement’ that may have characterized so much of this year.

Magically, you’re invited to instead connect with the elements of life that you know to be truly real. If you lean into your intuition, inner child energies and sense of play this month, it can be your best. This, and it’ll set you up perfectly for 2023.

The month kicks off with Neptune going direct in Pisces on December 3rd. Neptune rules Pisces, and together they govern the realms of spirit. This shift could feel like a fog has lifted rendering you able to see the world’s beauty, connection and love more clearly again.

This shift could feel disorienting, as it loosens your grip on more mundane matters such as finances and career. If you feel resistance to this, lean into your trust in the universe. This doesn’t mean totally neglecting your responsibilities, but it does mean recognizing that your priority is your health and happiness – and from there all good things will spring.

On December 7th the Gemini Full Moon further highlights this idea. It activates your sector of physical health and earthly beauty. This will be the perfect time to switch off your phone, obligations, and to head into nature. Find some time to be barefoot on the earth and remind yourself that first and foremost, you are human. Your sign is ruled by Venus, a planet all about enjoyment of the earthly senses. This is in some ways, the core of who you are – enjoy it!

On December 20th, Jupiter enters Aries, meaning the planet of luck and expansion supports our individual journeys even more so. This will be a time for breaking out of your comfort zone, through relaxing. You are carried, supported and loved by the universe Taurus, and December wants to remind you of that. Rather than trying to figure it all out yourself, begging for the universe to fix things, or swinging between the two… it’s time to enter a space of co-creation. Listen when you’re being prompted by your gut to move; act when the universe tells you the time is right; and surrender when you’ve done your part and it’s truly time to just receive.

On December 21st Capricorn season begins, and the Capricorn New Moon (Dec 23rd) activates your sector of adventure and life purpose. This light and playful energy can catalyze some movement in your life, if you allow it.

It’s a time to say yes to opportunities, step outside your norms, be spontaneous and let the cosmos take you on a journey. Traveling (even locally) will be particularly expansive right now.

Taurus it’s been an intense year for you, and December is the gift of lightness that breaks up any stagnancy. This month can create a beautiful foundation to enter the New year.

KnowTaurus November ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Relationships, asserting your needs, vulnerability, clarity, balance

Taurus, it’s that time of the year again. We’re in the season of your opposite sign: Scorpio. This makes November one of the most potent and powerful months of 2022. Before you feel alarmed, don’t. The good news is…you’re ready for it!

We kick off the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign Taurus (Nov 8th). For you, this Full Moon is going to carry a very strong theme of Balance. Movement versus stillness, privacy versus self-expression, independence versus togetherness. There is a sweet spot with all of the above, and it’s up to you to establish it for yourself. For you Taurus, this Scorpio season will be all about getting out of your comfort zone, in a healthy way; pushing the limits on the abundance you’re willing to receive from the universe.

And receive you will Taurus! Because with Venus and Mercury entering the fearlessly proactive sign of Sagittarius (Nov 16th, 17th), it will feel like a fire has been lit under your ass. Suddenly obstacles will feel like minor inconveniences, and your sense of empowerment will be the beacon guiding your way through. Enjoy a boost in confidence and use it to your advantage dear Taurus. Whether this means asking someone out, applying for a new job, booking a holiday, or being honest about your feelings – you will be rewarded for it.

Because the sun is in Scorpio for the bulk of this month (until November 22), there will be a major focus on relationships for you this month. You’ll find this especially regarding themes of vulnerability, honesty and intimacy. You are one of the most self-sufficient signs Taurus, and that’s wonderful. Yet, it this month you may feel reminded of the fact that no man is an island. You also need support, love and encouragement from others – and that’s okay. Feel into the empowerment that arises with actually asserting your needs. Doing so does not make you clingy or weak, rather quite the opposite!

Sagittarius season, as well as the Sag New Moon (November 22nd and 23rd) are going to really highlight your realms of intimacy, hidden desires and fears. So – if you were remaining guarded up until this point, it may start to get uncomfortable right about now. If conflict arises, trust yourself and the other to get through it with love. There’s a high chance you’ll come out the other side with even more love, respect and understanding for each other.

Plus, with Jupiter going direct in Pisces on November 23rd, we’re collectively being brought into that magical type of love that connects everyone and every being on earth. You can always ask the question ‘how would I feel if this was my last day on earth?’ for some healthy perspective. Life can become as heavy as we make it, but if we simply stop assigning labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to our unfolding… there’s a good chance it will flow that much more seamlessly.

KnowTaurus October ’22 Scope

Key Themes: ‘Aha’ moments, relationships work, truth and honesty, fear as a tool for healing

Taurus, as the north lunar node has been in your sign since January, you’re on a particularly strong journey of transformation this year.
You’ve likely faced a lot of challenges, and grown exponentially from them. It’s not over, and this month the universe is inviting you to embrace – rather than resist – this process of personal evolution.
As one of the zodiac signs is most averse towards discomfort, chaos and instability… this could seem a little unnatural. Yet, the Sun is entering your opposite sign this month (Scorpio), beckoning you to lean into the unknown, with open arms.

On October 2nd, Mercury goes direct in the sign of Virgo, bringing you moments of clarity when it comes to your personal identity. You’re at a point where the universe is inviting you to stop staying small, and to instead cultivate main character energy in your life instead. You’ve got this Taurus, you’re ready. This will also be a good time to shoot your shot, whether that means asking someone out, fixing up your CV, or simply initiating a clarifying conversation.

We have a Full Moon in Aries on October 9th, which will bring you some spiritual fire. This will be a bit of a portal for you – so use it wisely. Connect with your guides, spirit, God or whatever you name your higher guidance. Not only will this bring you some clarity regarding your next steps, it will also further open your heart – making the love and beauty around you that much more visible.

October 23rd sees Saturn going direct in Aquarius, and for you Taurus this shifts your sector of career and financial abundance back into a higher gear. You may have experienced some bumpiness in these spheres over the last months, but now it’s time to reflect on any lessons and growth that has unfolded. How is your relationship to abundance now? Do you recognize your divine power as the conductor of your own life (including wealth)? Now’s the time to step into that role with a new sense of empowerment.

With Venus and the Sun in Scorpio, as well as a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th – the energy of your opposite sign is going to be strong! Naturally, this can feel a little unintuitive, but there is a huge potential for learning and expansion here. Because this activates your sector of relationships, you’re invited into deep intimacy – whatever that means for you. This could involve really letting your guard down and finally expressing your deepest fears and vulnerabilities to your partner, or a friend. Taurus, your sign does traditionally like to ‘handle things’ on its own, and can be notoriously stubborn when it comes to acknowledging uncomfortable emotions.

Yet, this month – you’re invited to witness the beauty of doing exactly that. Nobody will know the real you, unless you let them in close enough to see it. It takes a lot of trust and bravery, but it’s only from here: that real, loving and authentic relationships can begin to bloom.

Exploring your fears around eclipse time with grace, patience and softness will be incredibly healing for you Taurus. What we ignore, suppress and reject – simply builds up and calcifies us from the outside out. Doing this work really will be one of the most important tasks of your year.

KnowTaurus September ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Mindfulness in every moment, wise choices, discernment, relationships

Taurus, following the North Node conjunction in your sign… the last week of August may have felt unstable or just a bit ‘off.’ September is going to bring you a sense of reset, as well as stability and (if you allow it) a clear path forward. This can be a magical month.

The Sun is already in earthy Virgo, and on September 5th, your ruling planet (Venus) heads there too. As well as being all about the love language of Service, Virgo is about committing to an ongoing journey of self-improvement. The activation of this sign colors this month with a theme of minimization, and decluttering. You’re being invited to ask yourself in every moment, if your chosen action is the best and highest use of your time. We’re not just talking about ‘progress,’ but rather – if you need to rest, are you resting? If you need to eat well, are you dedicating time to meal preparation? Taurus, the sign of Virgo evokes the wisdom of mindfulness, and when this enters every decision-making process – your life will radically improve.

On September 9th, Mercury begins its retrograde through the sign of Libra. For you Taurus, this retrograde is going to highlight your sector of wellbeing and routine… which places an even deeper emphasis on the themes mentioned above. How can you ensure that your daily actions nurture your body, mind and soul? We’re going back to basics here. Think; water intake, bedtime, daily exercise, alone time and stretching. This could be a very good time to create a whole new routine. Because retrogrades are about reviewing – it’s equally important to look at what’s not working. What (or who) needs to take up less space in your life?

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th will have you leaning into community and group settings. This could be a nice time to connect with others in a new and fresh way. That could mean joining a yoga class, attending a local moon ceremony or simply cooking a new meal for some friends. Rather than simply ‘hanging out’ for the sake of it – reflect on what group settings and dynamics are most uplifting for you? Do you prefer cozy chats at home? Or hiking with friends? Remember you can tick multiple boxes with all of your social endeavors – you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting time, or draining yourself in the process.

With the Sun entering Libra on September 22, you’re also being invited into the lesson of balance. Over the next few weeks it will be worth paying close attention to what throws you out of your equilibrium, as this will be a good entry point for self-reflection and shadow work. Plus the New Moon in Libra on September 25th gives you a fresh new start, with all of the above. Use the week around it to focus on exactly what you would like to call in with the next moon cycle. What would your ideal relationships, life and work look like?

KnowTaurus August ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Refinement, mindfulness, finances, flexibility, staying open to new approaches

Taurus, in the month of August, life is going to feel more grounded than it has done for quite a long time – and you’ll be here for it. The usually explosive Leo season is being slowed and muted by the number of retrogrades currently unfolding. Instead of being about outward expression and momentum – there’s almost more of a reflective yin or inward signature.

On August 4th, Mercury enters Virgo and you’re being invited into a space of detoxification. The sign of Virgo reflects refinement and wellbeing. When in Mercury, the energy is all about the ways that we honor and find balance within our minds. Taurus, you’ll be reminded of simple actions like not checking your phone first thing or last thing in the day to maintain your mental health. Similarly, you might feel more mindful about social media intake, and the kinds of entertainment or conversations that you’re taking in. The focus on health and wellbeing is something that will continue throughout the month, Taurus.  Remember: the better you feel, the more equipped and capable you’ll be in navigating and creating your best life.

On the 11th Venus enters the sign of Leo. Because it’s your planetary ruler Taurus, you might start feeling a little bit more confident and ready to express. If you have any creative impulses around this time, you’ll be rewarded for acting on them. Venus is the planet of beauty, and Leo represents the impulse to create. This can be a potent combination!

Almost midway through the month, the Full Moon (August 11th) in the sign of Aquarius will be activating your sector of career finances and physical structures. If this is a realm where you’ve been feeling stagnant, limited or stuck – bringing fresh energies of insight will help you here. Aquarius is the sign of the innovator, and all about new ways of approaching things. As a Fixed sign Taurus, it could feel a little unintuitive for you to step into the unknown, but the air sign’s wisdom reflects that often, this is where expansion lies. A comfort zone can feel great, but most times – nothing grows there.

On August 20th, this theme of flexibility is furthered, with Mars entering the sign of Gemini. Gemini can be known for being notoriously flaky… but it is also a sign that understands duality, and the validity of multiple perspectives. This could trickle into your way of thinking Taurus, and if this is the case, lean into it!

The Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, to cultivate a sharper sense of focus. Virgo is about refinement, and improvement. This month you’re looking at these themes, alongside career and finances – the whole recipe of which is compounded by a Uranus retrograde on the 24th of August. This retrograde takes place in your sign Taurus. It can be a signature for collective, global shifts regarding economy and resources.  Over the course of this transit, we might be seeing established financial paradigms beginning to fall, as well as new opportunities and pathways to abundance. There may not be any clear answers during this time of flux, but that’s okay. Simply staying aware of the fact will help you remain adaptable in the face of change.

KnowTaurus July ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Doing it your way, boundaries, your personal journey

Taurus, an auspicious start to the month begins with Mars (the planet of action) entering your sign on July 5th.

This transit tends to make ‘progress’ feel a little more seamless. It’ll be a good month for taking action and implementing positive change within your life.

There’s also an important lesson here in creating sovereignty around your momentum. Mars in your sign reminds us that the tortoise beats the hare; not just because he’s going slow and steady – but because he’s doing his way.

This will be a good theme to work with up until the Full Moon in Capricorn, that takes place on July 13th. This Moon takes place in the opposite polarity to its native sign, which tends to shake things up. You may feel a kind of tension between your inner yin and yang energies – that is the desire to just be, versus the call to move forward. What’s required here is a balance, and it’s up to you to tune into your body and mind to see what’s necessary for you at this time.

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or drained; rest. If you’re brimming with motivation and inspiration; act accordingly.

Your ruling planet (Venus) enters Cancer on July 17th, a transit that tends to have us more in our feels. Pay close attention to your emotional world, for it might start to become a lot more expressive. This month is one for honoring your boundaries; saying no to what feels unwanted, and dissolving any guilt or shame around prioritizing yourself.

And what better way to reinforce these new habits, with Mercury and the Sun entering Leo (July 19th, and 22nd respectively). The Sun is at home in the sign of the fiery lion, which evokes a sense of self-dignity and empowerment within each of us. This archetype reminds us that we are all divine children, and to dishonor our magical nature is to dishonor creation itself! The second half of this month will be perfect for pampering, spoiling and celebrating yourself. You deserve that.

Doing so can be the perfect remedy for some heavier transits later in the month such as Chiron (the asteroid of our deepest wounding) going retrograde in the sign of Aries. Chiron is the spot within our birth charts that points to the signature of all suffering within our lives. You’ve heard the idea that pain is what allows us to grow? Chiron reflects exactly this.

While this transit can be challenging, it is also incredibly self-illuminating and healing. For the sake of understanding any surprising or intense dynamics around this time, it’s worth figuring out where Chiron uniquely sits in your birth chart.

Get ready for shocks and surprises up to and  around July 31st, where Uranus meets the Lunar North Node in your sign Taurus. The Lunar nodes tend to reflect collective signatures, so this may likely be a time where we notice surprises or twists within our global economy, resources or power structures. Any such event will be cultivating our expansion as a human species, so keep this in mind even if all feels a little unstable for a while.