Key themes: Slowing down, widening horizons, play and lightness, decluttering energy

Dear Taurus, September will feel slower, calmer and more grounded.

We begin with your planetary ruler, Venus, stationing direct in Leo, on September 3rd. You might feel a wave of contentment, clarity or a full circle moment. Because this transit was activating your sector of emotional healing, it could be a nice time to consciously journal or explore your feelings. Is there anything they’re trying to tell you? You also may want to consider sharing or opening up to a friend or lover. You can be a closed book sometimes Taurus, but it’s worth remembering that the ones who love you will want to support you, where and when they can. We do have multiple planets retrograde right now, contributing to what may have felt like more challenging times than usual. Venus stationing direct signifies the start of a more peaceful chapter ahead.

The next day (September 4th) brings Jupiter retrograde through your sign. Jupiter rules the ninth house and themes like personal expansion, life purpose and lived experience. When this planet goes retrograde, we’re collectively invited to broaden our horizons. Taurus, Jupiter is also all about how you arrive at our own personal sense of “meaning,” and because this retrograde moves through your sector of identity and desire – you’ll be working with some soul-shaping themes.

Mercury is retrograde (through Virgo) for a bit longer too, inviting you to reconsider your mental frameworks – but this retrograde is more about doing. I invite you to step into situations, or environments which feel challenging and new, but in all the right ways.

The New Moon in Virgo (on Sep 14th), right before Mercury stations direct in Virgo – is going to bring a sense of revitalization which you are here for. Here, there’s an illumination and reactivation of your sector of play, romance and self-expression. If life, or the world have been feeling heavy, this will be a good time to intentionally disengage – even if just for a little while. It’ll be a potent time to get creative, flirty or to just lean into fun.

Besides, boundaries and self-care are themes for the month, with the sun entering Libra and marking the fall or spring equinox, depending on your hemisphere (23rd September). This auspicious day where we tune deeply into the seasons and cycles of the earth, will also illuminate your sector of wellbeing and detoxification. This is a powerful time to lean into “spring cleaning” energy Taurus. You’ll benefit from decluttering your world, whether that means tidying your physical environment, or having an overdue and honest conversation with a friend.

This month’s Full Moon takes place in Aries (September 29th), activating your sector of spiritual healing and initiating a potent window for release, self-reflection and healing. This will be a time to (as best you can) tune into forces higher, bigger, and wiser than the usual. Connecting with your ancestors, meditation and journaling will be particularly expansive here. Take the chance to learn even more about yourself, and fall further in love in the process. Remember, Taurus: you are watched over, guided, loved and supported.