Key themes: decluttering and shedding materially, the end of people pleasing, honest conversations, digging deeper, becoming a “beginner”

Dear Taurus, eclipse season is over, but November will continue to bring you plenty of transformation. With openness, awareness, courage and intention on your end, this month can lead you into some incredible life shifts.

You might feel this coming through on November 4th, with Saturn wrapping up its Pisces retrograde that began in June. For you this illuminates your sector of belonging and community. Because Saturn rules things like societal conditioning, authority and tradition, you’ll notice a window of change arising, concerning the ways you relate to others around you. If you have any people-pleasing tendencies, you’ll likely start to feel extra aware of them. This might mean feeling fed up – but then eventually, more empowered; equipped to be and share yourself more truthfully. Perhaps it will mean suddenly understanding how to gracefully navigate relational dynamics, without feeling dominated by another’s energy. Saturn’s often a place where we’ve been told to behave a certain way, and if not, we’re terrible people. Yet, with this transit in Pisces (the sign of spiritual realms), the universe offers you strength from deeper (or higher) reservoirs. Perhaps your sense of “right or wrong,” or the standards of behavior you align yourself with, should not be dictated by anyone else, but rather derived from an inner knowing which you’ve always had.

On November 8th, your planetary ruler (Venus) enters Libra, activating your sector of wellbeing, refinement and detoxification. This will be a wonderful time to lean into the act of minimizing, Taurus. As a sign that deeply appreciates the material and sensual realms, it can be easy to become attached to “things.” Yet, Venus in its other home sign, reminds you of the beauty within lightness and change. Often, we accumulate dead weight without even realizing it – and so this transit encourages you to minimize and declutter where possible. Doing so will always catalyze an energetic shift. As you shake off redundant energies, you’ll encourage a healthy flow of cleansing and release in your life, making space for the new to come through. Think: gifts from exes, books you never read, clothes you don’t wear (say, more than once in the last two years), or items that simply annoy you. Perhaps it’s thrift store donation time!

On November 13th, we have our new Moon in Scorpio which activates your sector of relationships. This moon carries the penetrative x-ray nature of Scorpio, and an illuminative signature which reveals layers beneath the surface. With Mercury also here, it could be time for some transparent conversations, exposing (or discovering) the truth, and/or boundary setting. Keep in mind that New Moons dictate the energy of the lunar cycle – so, being wise with your choices and words here will pay off into December and beyond.

On November 22nd, we officially leave Scorpio season, with the Sun entering the fiery sign of Sagittarius (Mars joining a few days later), on November 24. Sag energy has a complimentary influence on your grounded way of being Taurus. It’s a sign which embraces dynamism, movement and change – whilst being driven by a definitive purpose. This is energy you can get behind.

With Ceres also entering Sag on November 25th, there’s reminder from the universe that it’s important that you shake things up every now and again; and that throwing yourself into the deep end can sometimes be the most self-loving choice. Taurus, as a fixed sign you may not be too keen on placing yourself in situations where you’re a beginner, out of your depth, or slightly uncomfortable. Yet, doing so holds potential for your beautiful soul to expand and shine even more gloriously. Plus often, this is actually where the magic happens…