Key themes: Transformation, building your life with intention, play, full circle moments, authenticity and Self

Taurus, July might just be one of the most transformative months of your year. Midway through the month we have some huge collective astrology, and it’s unfolding in your magical sign.

But first, the month kicks off with a Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. This auspicious moon will inspire you towards taking practical actions in the direction of your dream life. Because it aligns with the planetary nodes of Jupiter, and forms a harmonious connection with Jupiter (currently in your sign), it’s as though inspiration (or restlessness) will have the volume turned up. Capricorn is all about long term goals; building, creating abundance and leaving an impact on the world. These are the themes that will be on your mind, and here the universe invites you to take pragmatic first steps. For you, this might involve a leap of faith, stretching beyond your personal limitations (as the Moon forms a tension to Chiron) – but you’re being reminded that so often, that’s exactly where the magic is.

More of this practical, life-building energy infuses the month with Mars (planet of action) entering Virgo (July 10th) . You’ll enjoy this kind of spring cleaning vibe, which gently but firmly motivates the collective towards detoxing, minimizing and organizing. If you’ve had any life admin hovering over you, now’s the time to get to work. And it’s not all work, with Mercury entering Leo the next day (July 11th). When the planet of communication is in the bold and passionate sign of Leo, life tends to become a little bit warmer, lighter and more playful. Leo energy correlates with the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of humor. Here, you’re invited to lean into fun; and the connections, films, or pets that bring you laughter and joy. This is medicine too.

A week later that powerful astrology that I mentioned earlier starts to heat up with the Lunar Nodes shifting out of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and into Aries (North Node) and Libra (South Node). If you’ve felt like life has been particularly accelerative (whether that felt easeful or challenging) over the last 18 months, you’re probably right. The North Node was in your sign Taurus, speeding up your journey of self-growth and realization. It’s not to say that you’re done, just that rather than the focus on abundance, security and self-identity (that came with your sign on the North Node); you’ll now be on an emphasized journey of balancing your individuality with relationships.

The transiting Lunar Nodes provide a huge (but subtle) backdrop to the evolutionary journey of our human family. It’s as if (to a large degree) they flavor the unfolding and direction we’re heading in. So, with this shift, the world might feel quite different in an unexplainable but profound way. Be gentle with yourself as it can be a little unsettling – but the good news is, now you know why!

Speaking of unsettling, the usual exciting time of the Sun’s departure out of Cancer season and into its ruler Leo (July 22nd), is a little different this year. On the very day, your ruler (Venus) begins its retrograde through Leo. This will be another potent transit for you Taurus; and one where you’re invited to closely examine your relationship to self. Specifically, the ways you relate inwardly to yourself, your emotions and truths; as well as how authentically and fearlessly you express all of the above in the world. For example, you might begin to feel old and redundant conditioning, which has led you to taking up less space in the world than you should. Maybe you’re still afraid of how you’ll be judged. Until early September, these are the kinds of wounds you’ll be visiting, pouring love into, and releasing.