Key themes: roots and foundation, quality rest and sleep, support groups, seeing yourself through others, causes that move you, speaking your truth within your partnerships, belonging, inner truth.

Dear Libra, the month of July brings a sense of grounding with the Full Moon in Capricorn becoming exact on the 3rd at 7:38 am EST. A recurring urgency may also be present. An urgency to get yourself clear enough and centered enough to be able to follow your life path without hesitation. Where do you think this urgency is coming from? What do you feel you should be doing so that life will have your back? I invite you to explore these commands. It may be time to weed out the ones that have no real basis and that keep holding you back from the freedom you desire and deserve.

Mars is moving into Virgo on the 10th, and this burst of energy in your area of culmination and what’s behind the scenes will connect you with your need for rest and will help you act upon it. What tweeks can you make in order to sleep better? Sett a bedtime alarm? No caffeine after a certain hour? No cellphone or any screens in bed? More alone time can also do you good to help get back on track with your desires during the next month and half.

On the 11th, we have another shift in energy when Mercury moves into Leo in your area of friendships and community, activating your creative juices and inviting you to speak up. There’s nothing like a support group to keep you accountable to your dreams, plans, and what you stand for. Who is your support group? You may find yourself overwhelmed with everyone wanting a bit of your attention. Make sure you prioritize who you give your time to. It’s ok to turn off your notifications from time to time.

As the North Node enters Aries in your area of partnerships for the next 18 months on the 17th, it will help you learn to love yourself more. This will be a reminder that you don’t have to love yourself completely or be completely healed in order to be in a relationship. Being in healthy one-on-one relationships —with lovers, besties, co-conspirators— can be such a beautiful aid in your own healing. You learn to love yourself even more when you experience true love and acceptance coming from someone else.

The Sun enters the passionate sign of Leo on the 22nd, shining a light on the groups you’re a part of and the causes that move you. Venus goes retrograde on the same day, and will be in backwards motion for the next six weeks, inviting you to review your connections with communities and networks that feel resonant. Don’t say yes to any invitation. Being true to yourself and your needs is what allows you to be true within your friendships and collectives.

On the next day, Chiron goes retrograde in Aries, giving you the chance to pause and explore the reasons why you have this urge to merge with another. This is especially important if you’re currently going through a break up or are having relationship issues. Knowing why you wanna be there will help you not be subject to the will of the other person. It will help you take back your power and cultivate more balanced and healthy bonds.

Pluto will find itself right in the middle between the North and South Node on the 23rd, 25th and 28th. Here Pluto is serving as a link between the past and the future, pointing towards what we need to let go of in order to move forward. Pluto is inviting you to explore the patterns that you carry from your upbringing, and daring you to reweave new stories of belonging that feel more empowering. Allow yourself to say no when you need to within your family dynamics.

On the 28th, Mercury will enter Virgo, bringing with it some lessons, and even though they may be hard, they can most certainly lead to expansion and growth. This is no time to look outside for answers. Instead of paying attention to what others are doing, put your focus into centering yourself so that you can cultivate a life more in alignment with your truth.