Key themes: creative potential, the power of your voice, rest, relax, renewal, making space for deep healing, honoring the relations that are worthy of your energy, cultivating healthy routines and practices

Dear Capricorn, we may all still be feeling a bit jet lagged from the eclipse season. What hunger have you been left with when it comes to your creations and creative flow? The post eclipse energy, what’s left of the year, and all of 2024 will be about grounding into your fullest potential. About allowing your creative self-expression the time, tenderness and patience to form strong roots. About letting go, and allowing for the playfulness that you’ve been tapping into to be a more integral part of who you are.

November arrives with Saturn shifting to go direct on the 4th in the ethereal sign of Pisces. This is happening in your area of communication, ideas and daily activities, where for the past months you’ve been reviewing the power of your words, and what can be transformed and uplifted even within the most mundane of exchanges and conversations. Remember that your perspective matters. It almost seems as if the media wants there to be only two ways of thinking, only two ways to live life, only two groups of truths to stand by. Don’t let this take away from the deeply detailed nuances that you’re capable of touching on when it comes to reasoning and analyzing situations, personal experiences, people, politics, and the media.

On the 8th, Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will leave Virgo to enter its home sign of Libra, where it will be until December 4th. Happening in your area of professional pursuits and long-term goals, this is an invitation to become softer and to offer yourself some grace. Stop pressuring yourself so much, stop being so hard on yourself. It isn’t you, you aren’t wrong for not having accomplished everything you’ve set your heart and mind to. The world is getting harder and harder, there are more and more obstacles every day. Last stage capitalism is no joke. So allow yourself to soften. I’m not saying that you should stop trying, that’s not it, please keep going after all of your wildest dreams. But also please have enough tenderness to not beat yourself up, and instead hold yourself close when things get complicated. This is a good time to do some networking, your magnetism will be lit.

On the 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Exchange, will enter the wisdom-seeking sign of Sag, where it will be until December 1st, traversing your inner realms, the deepest area of your chart that rules the spiritual. This is a plea to find pockets within your day to relax your mind. With social media on top of everything that is happening worldwide, we are overstimulated with an excess of information that ranges between a new tiktok trend and brutal massacres. It’s A LOT. It’s important to keep informed and to do your part if you can, but it’s also important, and especially for you with this transit, to find ways to shut the mind off. Sleep more, spend more time off any kind of screen, find meditative practices that can help slow down your nervous system and relax more deeply. Go out into nature, walk barefoot on the earth.

The New Moon in Scorpio is happening on the 13th, exact at 4:27 am EST, in your area of friendships and communities, emphasizing the energy you’ve been swimming in since Scorpio Season began on October 23rd. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about people going through friendship breakups. If this is your case, this New Moon will shed some light and offer clarity regarding the reasons for why it happened. The darkness of the Moon can help you heal the pain that is still present. If it was your bad, you’ll be able to tap more deeply into how you faulted, and to commit more fiercely to working on how you want to be there for your people. You may also receive information about the groups you’re a part of, and the hard conversations that are needed.

On the 22nd, we move into Sag Season, as the Sun shifts into the sign of the Centaur, shining a light on the depths of your emotional and spiritual realms. This is the time of the year for you to pause, to slow down. There’s a lot for you to let go of from the past eleven months. No one more than you knows what it takes to do life and make things happen, so give yourself the chance to look within, and to honor yourself for wherever it is that you are in life right now —emotionally, physically, professionally, spiritually, mentally. Honor yourself for your awareness. There is much deep healing available for you during this month, so create the space to be held.

On the 24th, Mars moves in the sign of Sag as well, where it will be until January 4th, inviting you to allow for your actions and impulses to be softer, wiser and more intentional. Also, you’ll have so much energy to dig deep and to rid yourself of what is no longer serving you. This is a beautiful time for healing.

The Full Moon in Gemini is happening on the 27th, exact at 4:16 am EST, in your area of work, health and wellness practices. This Moon is here to support you in all of the emotional, spiritual and psychic healing and liberation that you’re going through. It’s a reminder that you are also a body, and that your body needs the right kind of sustenance, practices, and routines for it to stay healthy and active, and have more fertile energy and space for the magic of your inner waters to flourish.

I’ll leave you with a poem from Nayyirah Waheed that says: “you don’t have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. you could be a water and soft river your way to freedom.”