Don’t lose sight of what you’re working towards, Taurus. Even if the fruits of your labor are not yet ready to be picked just yet, that doesn’t mean that you’ve taken a wrong turn. Here’s your cosmic reminder to trust that what’s meant to be yours, will be; that the timing of your life and its unfolding are being divinely orchestrated. You’re so loved by the universe, and you’ll have this remembrance nudging you on Monday, where a connection between Mercury and Uranus (in your sign) evokes synchronicity and pleasant surprises. With your sector of community and networking activated throughout the week, you’re also being invited to lean into themes of collaboration and reciprocity. Where could you use ideas, inspiration or even just help? You’re definitely one of the more independent signs of the zodiac – but this means that when you choose to connect with others, your power will be amplified. Finding answers through community may not appeal to your natural instincts, but for this exact reason, there’s plenty of untapped potential there. Why not use the Pisces New Moon (this weekend) to break free of this pattern? Surprise yourself, and set an intention for the month which involves trusting in someone else.