@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 7.19 – 7.25

Taurus, this week your planetary ruler Venus switches out of Leo (on the 21st) and enters Virgo. You’ll start to feel more focused on your connections and pleasure during this transit, but you’ll also be more cautious, reserved and disciplined romantically and creatively. If you previously were distracting yourself with more spontaneous people or experiences, you’ll feel a shift towards more mature and long-lasting unions, romances and friendships. This is also the case mid-week due to the Capricorn Moon’s stabilizing influence in your life. This Saturday, the Aquarius Full Moon encourages you to be more innovative, while also being aware of how and when your stubbornness and inflexibility can cause you to burn bridges, unnecessarily. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, and give yourself permission to re-route if necessary.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 7.12 – 7.18

Do you feel the shift, Dear Taurus? You have been doing the work, so don’t stop! There’s still more to unearth here. Your need for connection and communication has been expanding. You may be feeling more in tune with the people around you. Capitalize on this energy while you can. Keep moving outside of your comfort and testing the limits this week. Shifting your comfort zones may prove fruitful during the upcoming Pallas and Chiron retrogrades. You are expanding this week; tap into the networks around you in new ways. This shift will have a profound influence on your next six months.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 7.5 – 7.11

It’ll be a pretty deep week Taurus. On Wednesday we’ll all be experiencing a coming full circle with Mercury officially ending the shadow period of its retrograde. For you this retrograde carried themes around your physicality and material realms, so watch this space Taurus! If you’ve been experiencing financial stress or discomfort in your body – this all might start to shift, if you’ve paid attention. From Friday you might start to feel more introverted, intuitive and emotional – in the best way. This is all in preparation for the New Moon in its home sign of watery Cancer. Using a New Moon is the best time to plant seeds of manifestation for the upcoming lunar cycle. For you Taurus, the focus will be on enhancing your sense of emotional safety, comfort and connection to self. This moon asks you specifically to consider: how can you feel good in your body, mind and spirit – by following your interests? How can you stay flexible and keep it moving? How can you retain your childlike curiosity? Tap into what makes life interesting for you Taurus, and go from there.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 6.28 – 7.4

Taurus, now that your planetary ruler is in Leo, you’re going to start acting more Leo-like this week. Instead of shying away from attention you’re likely to open up to it significantly, and seek it out. This is a great week for going on dates and treating yourself and others with luxury and pleasure. Monday – Wednesday’s Pisces Moon will have you visualizing your ideal lover(s) and treating yourself with sensuality and passion. Once the Moon shifts into Aries mid-week, you’ll be feeling sexy and magnetic, helping you attract professional opportunities and also romantic connections. It’s not until the moon enters your sign this weekend and makes frictional alignments to Mars on Sunday that you may feel a bit emotionally restless. It’s because you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough in your life, Taurus. It’s normal to feel nervous or on-edge sometimes. Love yourself through your periods of uncertainty.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 6.21 – 6.27

Let’s celebrate, Taurus! Hopefully, we all made it through the first eclipse season of 2021 relatively unharmed. As we enter Cancer season, this is the perfect time to slow down, take a breath, and reflect on the first half of the year. How have the quantum shifts in your life affected the relationships around you? Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces will be forcing you to question whether these connections have grown with you or should they be reevaluated. Stay receptive to your intuition, Taurus.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 6.14 – 6.20

The main astrological aspect of the week is the Saturn-Uranus square on Monday, which will be felt all month long. Then on Sunday, Cancer Season begins, marking the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Taurus, with your planetary ruler Venus now chillin’ in Cancer, you may not be able to handle how sensitive you feel this week, especially as we approach the start of Cancer Season this weekend. Use Monday through Thursday’s Leo and Virgo Moons to find creative and practical ways to accomplish your goals, while giving yourself many periods of rest. Mercury’s retrograde through Gemini is activating your security sector, making you feel a bit restless when it comes to finances. But once the Moon enters Libra this weekend, you may connect with someone who helps you feel more at ease with your new lifestyle. Take deep breaths and stay centered.