@KnowTaurus Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

Are you maybe underestimating your own capabilities, Taurus? This week, your ruling planet Venus passes over the North Node in your sector of possessions and values, which can help you to better understand the value of your skills so you can level up from where you are now. Tune into creative and more elaborate ways you can describe what you do and how you do it to set yourself apart from the crowd, and don’t be afraid to hype yourself up a little bit. Elevating the words you assign to your capabilities will help you to attract bigger and better through eclipse season next week, so step in to play the part as your own most loyal hype-up buddy.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scopes 5.10 – 5.16

It’s your annual Taurus New Moon!! Your new moon week is extra magical because Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, enters its home sign of Pisces on May 13th, where it remains for a little over two months. It’s been a wild birthday season for you, Taurus, and this week you have a chance to ground yourself in the present moment and honestly assess what’s working for you and where you’re standing in your own way. Only you can make the necessary changes or choices that will shift the direction of your life based on your intuitive desires. This is the week to trust yourself and take the leap. The Universe wants you to win!

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scopes 5.3 – 5.9

Happy Birthday Taurus! Mercury and Venus enter Gemini this week, which will trigger a major shift in your sector of values and possessions and make you the author of your own story again. The power of word will be incredibly useful for you here, especially as you start to notice your manifestations show up in more vivid, complex detail. Remember to stay grounded the present moment so you can be a witness to your own glow up.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scopes 4.26 – 5.2

Happy Full Moon week, Taurus! Your relationship sector is activated by the Scorpio Full Moon, and now that Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Cancer, you’re learning how to go after what you want in more subtle and emotive ways. You may write someone a love letter or receive praises of admiration from an admirer, crush, or lover this week. If you’re healing from disappointment in love, you may find that you reach a breakthrough by the end of the week once the intensity of the full moon has waned.

@KnowTaurus Weekly Scopes 4.18 – 4.24

Happy Birthday Taurus! We’re finally in your season, but chances are it won’t feel like you expect it to at first. This is because Mercury and Venus will be meeting with rebellious Uranus this week in your sign, which can make you somewhat unrecognizable after your most recent glow up. Use this to your advantage and confidently present yourself as someone who exceeds expectations, challenges the norms, and stands in their truth. The more you accept this, the easier it will be for others to accept as well.