Dear Taurus, you have a powerful week ahead of you. Our first eclipse of the year unfolds with a Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. This eclipse illuminates your sector of routine and well-being, inviting you to revive or delve into new self-care practices. Because it’s a south-nodal eclipse, themes of the past may come through – particularly relative to relationships. Don’t be alarmed if your exes feel more present in your mind than usual, it may simply be part of the releasing process. Honor this alongside your softness, allowing the emotional currents to gently guide you into a deeper understanding of your needs. On March 28th, a harmonious sextile between your planetary ruler (Venus) and Uranus (who transits your sign), will feel hopeful and synchronistic. This mini-portal offers an opportunity to become even more present with your blessings, as they flow through. If you feel ready to release anything that no longer resonates with who you’re becoming, know that the universe supports you in this. Reminder: the more space you create, the more it can gift you.