Key Themes: adapting, family conditioning, attachment patterns, spiritual wealth, homecoming

Scorpio, you’re still processing the wild shifts of Eclipse season and the month of June helps you adapt to any changes that have occurred.

Since the end of May, Mercury has been retrograding in Taurus, your opposing sign, activating your sector of partnerships. People from the past or thoughts and feelings you forgot you had may have resurfaced during Mercury retrograde. As the Planet of Communication stations direct on June 3rd, your mission is to gradually integrate what you’ve learned over the past 3 weeks. Only you truly know what you need in order to feel grounded in relationships, Scorpio, and it is up to you to communicate this with those around you.

On June 4th, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, begins a 6-month retrograde period in Aquarius activating Scorpio’s sector of home and family. As Saturn forms a square to your natal Scorpio placement and transiting Mercury in Taurus, it challenges you to objectively review how your childhood experiences and familial traditions have shaped your attachment style and approach to relationships.

From June 13th to July 4th, Mercury in adaptable Gemini highlights Scorpio’s sector of death, sex, and shared resources. Mercury in Gemini invites you to be curious about your instinctual responses, especially in your attachments to things outside of you, and see if there are other perspectives to account for. If you haven’t already examined your financial situation, this is a good time to do so.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th at 7:52am may illuminate your beliefs and attitudes toward material possessions as it activates Scorpio’s sector of money and self-esteem. This lunar transit provides an opportunity to see the value of spiritual wealth. As the Moon forms a challenging square to Neptune, you may find that the most precious form of abundance is what lights up your soul.

On June 21st, the Sun enters nurturing Cancer, a fellow water sign, activating Scorpio’s sector of travel and philosophy. Welcome to the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio! While Jupiter and Mars in action-oriented Aries have been lighting up your sector of service, Cancer season challenges you to relax, stretch your mind, and broaden your horizons in ways that are nourishing for your soul.

From June 22nd to July 17th, Venus in Gemini highlights Scorpio’s sector of death, sex, and resources and welcomes you to be curious about your intimate desires. Scorpio, if you want to try something new or change things up in the bedroom, allow Venus in Gemini to guide you down the path of possibilities.

The month ends with a wave as the New Moon in Cancer strikes on June 28th at 10:52pm activating Scorpio’s sector of travel and philosophy. Whether it is going on a family trip, cooking a nostalgic meal, or getting lost (or found) in a book that pulls your heartstrings, this New Moon asks you to align yourself with a feeling of homecoming. On this same day, Neptune in Pisces begins a 6-month retrograde in Scorpio’s sector of self-expression and adventure, compelling you to connect to inward sources of imagination and inspiration to fuel your creativity.