Key Themes: future goals, social network, creativity, spirituality, recharging

Scorpio, the month of September compels you to clarify your future goals and recharge your spiritual batteries in preparation for next month’s powerful rebirth. This month’s astrology is supportive of melting any subconscious tension and letting go of the past year. So, whether it be music, dance, ritual, therapy, poetry or any form of art, allow yourself to tune into a higher state of consciousness and be moved from deep within.

When Venus, the planet of Beauty & Connection, enters earthy Virgo on September 4th, you’re compelled to regroup yourself for your next chapter and get honest about what’s happening in your social network. With Venus in Virgo until September 29th, it’s an ideal time to form alliances that support your future goals and to align yourself with groups that share a similar hunger for transformation in your area(s) of interest.

Mercury, the planet of Communication, turns retrograde in harmonious Libra on September 9th, activating Scorpio’s sector of spirituality and healing until September 23rd. At this point, Mercury will retrograde back into analytical Virgo as it re-enters Scorpio’s sector of friendships and future goals. Your mission with this 3-week Mercury retrograde period until October 2nd is to logically reassess your priorities and review what you’ve outgrown in order to clarify your path.

On September 10th, the inspiring Full Moon in Pisces conjoins Neptune, the planet of Illusion & Imagination, activating Scorpio’s sector of self-expression and creativity. On hand one, this Full Moon may illuminate your escapist tendencies or the ways you prevent yourself from fully receiving the pleasures of life. On the other hand, this Full Moon is incredibly supportive of getting in tune with yourself and receiving visions as it heightens your creative imagination. Scorpio, the days leading up to the Full Moon are powerful for finding a healing rhythm as you pour your heart into something or someone fun!

On September 22nd, the Sun enters graceful Libra. Welcome to Libra season and the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere! As Libra season spotlights Scorpio’s sector of spirituality and healing until October 23rd, it’s a ripe time for facilitating inner peace by releasing the grips of the ego. Just one season ends and another begins, Libra season is ideal for contemplating the past year and distilling its wisdom as we approach your solar return.

Emphasizing the graceful winds of the Libra Sun, the New Moon in Libra on September 25th sets the tone for the next four weeks and provides an opportunity to begin anew in Scorpio’s sector of spirituality and healing. With this New Moon, recognizing signs of emotional and mental imbalances and bringing peace to your soul are priorities so follow any calling to withdraw into your spiritual depths. As this New Moon makes a tense opposition to Jupiter in fiery Aries in Scorpio’s sector of health and wellbeing, you’re also compelled to infuse balance and compassion in your ongoing efforts for becoming more competent.

The month ends with Venus entering its home sign of Libra from September 29th through October 23rd. Riding on the momentum of the recent New Moon, Venus in Libra incites you to open yourself to receiving assistance from a higher power and to remember the beauty that exists amongst the chaos. Next up is your season, Scorpio, and a powerful rebirth awaits, so make the most of Venus in Libra to recharge your spiritual batteries.