Early on this week the Sun is joined and kissed by the planet Mercury, in fiery Leo. This cosmic duo has us all feeling and expressing ourselves more naturally than ever. Scorpio, for you it illuminates your sector of emotional safety and nurturance. As a result, you might be noticing your auric field warming, expanding and touching others in a whole different kind of way. Scorpio, this is a natural healing vibe, so pay close attention to how you’re channelling your energy. It’s important that you’re allocating your time towards relationships that deserve it; Leo reminds us that anything else, would mean dishonoring ourselves. With Mars entering Virgo later in the week, we’re offered another chance to work on cleaning up and refining our lives to align with our highest selves.  It’ll be a time to focus on the many elements that make up the totality of your life. What works, and what has to change? Think: tech detoxes, cleansing tea, early nights and meditation.