It’s okay, and often necessary, to let go of everything you once were and activate who you’re ready to be now, Scorpio. And this week is one of those weeks for us. Monday’s Saturn-Uranus square awakens us to the truth of who we are now, and this happens by mourning who we once were. Mercury’s retrograde in our sector of depth and intimacy has us looking at the world from even more profound lenses than our Scorpio soul typically already does. Yes, this can feel heavy, but it’s Gemini Season, which means that on the other side of the heaviness is the lightness, and we’re here to embrace both equally. It’s when things get heavy that you become most aware of what you no longer have capacity to hold. If the tears flow this week, let them flow, especially now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in our fellow water sign of Cancer. You’re supposed to be feeling things and letting them heal you.