Hey skymates, this week on November 19th we’re experiencing a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. We can already feel the effects of this lunation, which may be energetically intense. KTZ’s taking a break from sharing our regular weekly scopes this week, because we want to lead by example and remind you that there’s no need to overly “prepare” for lunar eclipses. Be present, well-rested, eat healthy food, stay hydrated, and make room for the necessary transformations that the Universe, and your own instincts, are bringing into your life. Minimize how much time you spend on social media if you can, and focus on being grounded in nature. Reflect on how much you’ve grown since the Taurus New Moon six months ago, and if waves of unexpected change enter your life and take you by surprise, do not resist them, but rather get curious about what these lessons and experiences are here to teach you. Take everything breath by breath and step by step this week. We’re going through a magical portal, and you’ll make it out feeling renewed and filled with gratitude. We love you! Take care of yourselves.