Dear Scorpio, the week begins diving right into eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday 25th, exact at 3:00 am EST. This is an invitation to rest, to sink into the depths of recovery. Allow yourself to be secretive and protective if this is what you’re feeling. Protect your emotions and your boundaries. Something is being cultivated in private and it may need protection. Soon it will have the chance to come to light, soon you’ll have the recognition and it will be time to shine. But for now it’s important to wind down, go in, and replenish yourself in the healing darkness. Cut ties with old patterns that no longer serve who you are today. Make sure to hydrate. Rest as much you can. Take a break from screen time, and get as much alone or quiet time as possible. The week comes to an end with Vesta moving from Gemini into Cancer for the next 7 weeks, and you’ll be endowed with a profound sense of faith and optimism, fueling your intuitive understanding that all will be well, and empowering you to envision possibilities beyond the horizon.