Welcome to the astrological New Year, dear Scorpio! The Sun will enter the fiery sign of Aries on the 19th, shining a light on your work habits and wellness routines. During this month, focus on the routines that keep you grounded. Get the little tasks done and out of the way. Lean into the rituals that keep you on track. Don’t overflow your work calendar. Make sure to schedule in some leisure time, and to take breaks to stretch and breathe in between your 9 to 5. Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, firing up your already packed area of self-expression. Your creative ideas may be out there, but this shouldn’t keep you from going forward with them. Mars will help you feel confident about expressing the spiritual nature of your creativity. It’ll also be a nice time to get a little spicy, flirty, and romantic! There’s an upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 25th, happening in the deepest area of your chart that governs dreams, the liminal, and the unconscious. You can begin to prepare for this potent energy by making space in your schedule for the days surrounding the eclipse, so you can just wind down, be with yourself, rest, turn your cellphone off, and sleep a little longer.