Dear Scorpio, how’s your emotional weather holding up post New Moon in Pisces? Remember to honor the process of your creative expression. Get out of its way. Cultivating a deeper relationship with your creative nature, your playfulness, and your pleasure, reminds you that your chances to grow, evolve, and transform what isn’t working are endless. Your creativity realm is quite lively right now with the Sun, Saturn and Neptune here, and come the 11th, Venus, will also be setting up camp for the next four weeks. This is a time to fill your personal glass with sweetness! Whatever comes to mind when you read “pamper yourself”, this is what you’ve got to make space for during this time. If you’re an artist or a creative working on a project right now, make sure you’re doing more of what entices your inner child. The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, highlighting your collaborations, the ones that are working in your favor, and the ones that may be draining your energy. This is a good time to reassess how you wish to keep merging your resources with others. Honor your boundaries.