Dear Scorpio, this week is all about expressing your thoughts and ideas with clarity and purpose. In your area of communication, daily activities and immediate environment, the New Moon in Capricorn is happening on Thursday 11th at 6:57 am EST. Check in on your daily duties, and the things that keep your social calendar full. It may be time to reassess your activities in order to make sure that they’re centering your wellbeing and uplifting your energy. It’s important that you design a life for yourself where you don’t have to wait until the weekend to let go or to cultivate spaces of nourishment. This is an invitation to start the year designing a day-to-day that offers spaces for renewal, even if it’s just in the details. Then on the 13th, Mercury moves back into Capricorn, also touching on this area of communication, curiosity and intellect, bringing more clarity and movement, especially in regards to the things you were reviewing between December 13th and 22nd. What new subjects or areas of knowledge do you find yourself drawn to? How are you connecting with others in your immediate environment? Are there opportunities to build stronger connections with neighbors, siblings, or colleagues? Are there writing projects or forms of expression that you’re excited about exploring?