Dear Scorpio, the Moon will meet the South Node on the 27th, this happens in Libra in the deepest area of your chart that governs the unconscious. You’ve been releasing and purging a lot, and will continue to do so all throughout 2024. This transit is your monthly reminder to not give into escapism or isolation. Alone time is good for you to process things and to rest, but it’s important that you find balance, and that you find ways to alchemize your insights into inspiration. This isn’t an easy process, as your inner reservoir is being replenished, and this requires intense energetic and psychic detox. You can accompany this process by devoting yourself to what replenished your reserves. On the 28th, a pretty auspicious alignment is going to occur when both Mercury and Saturn find themselves within the heart of the Sun in your area of creative self-expression. This will be an important moment of self-realization. You may find your way through creative blocks. If ideas for new structures that can sustain your expressions come through, don’t dismiss them. This may just be what you need in order to begin to produce your greatest work. The week comes to an end with the Last Quarter Moon in Sag, inviting you to see the material world as a place of adventure.