Happy New Year Scorpio! We start the year with Mercury finally moving forward in your area of resources and self-worth. If your finances have been stalled in some way, this will slowly begin to change. Things will start to become more expansive when it comes to how you work with money. Keep an open mind, allow yourself more flexibility, and give yourself the chance to lean towards the things that offer freedom and joy. On the 3rd, the Last Quarter Moon happens in Libra, in the deepest area of your chart. This is a call to slow down, to give yourself space to breathe, to rest, to sink in and feel. What needs to be left behind? Make a ritual out of this. Leave what no longer belongs to who you are now in the past. Make space so you can start anew during the first New Moon of 2024 happening next week. Mars will move into Capricorn on the 4th, heightening your communication skills. If you’re working on a podcast or writing project, this will be the perfect time to get back at it. Your words will have further reach during the next six weeks, so speak from a place of integrity while trying to honor your impulses.