As you treat yourself with more kindness, your world will start to transform Sagittarius. This week we’ll be seeing “as above, so below” in action, with harmonious interplay between Mercury and Uranus. You’re being invited to closely examine the ways that you guide, support, nourish and exist with yourself. What are your moments of solitude like? How can you deepen them? When you do – how does your external reality shift? On Friday, Mercury will meet Neptune in Pisces, highlighting the correlation between outer and inner well-being even more deeply. Embrace any epiphanies and insights that arise with curiosity and gratitude – this is just one way that the universe speaks to you! We’re moving towards a Pisces New Moon (on Sunday), so the week will carry a trippier vibe than usual. Time will flow differently, as synchronicity is turned up. With this New Moon you’re invited to embrace your vulnerability, whatever that means for you. Acknowledge the gifts of where you are, as well as what feels uncomfortable. By gently working with these sore spots, you’ll catapult your evolution and manifestations forward. You’re ready for a new chapter Sagittarius, and perhaps this is it.