Dear Sagittarius, Eclipse season is officially here. Our Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on Monday, at 3:00 am EST. Activating your sector of belonging, you’re being invited to explore and redefine your relationship with networking and community. How connected do you feel, to and within the world? What could be better? Who are you grateful for? You’re a highly independent sign, but this will be a time to reflect on where you would benefit from more support from those around you. Whether that’s in a career sense; financially, spiritually or emotionally – being honest and vulnerable with yourself will pay off here. Indeed, there’ll be a sense of vulnerability and nostalgia flavoring the whole week, as south-nodal eclipses tend to bring up themes from the past. Avoid distracting yourself from this, by increasing the space between your tasks. Even taking a couple of minutes to simply witness your breath and the flavor of your thoughts can be enough to reorient your whole day. The Moon will enter your sign towards the end of the week, evoking a sense of playfulness and passion again. We’ve collectively experienced a challenging few months, but the silver lining is they’ve better informed you of what you truly desire. Now, go after it.