Happy New Astro Year Sagittarius! Get ready, as this auspicious week may illuminate your path more clearly than ever. On Tuesday, a Cancer Moon trines Neptune, evoking heightened intuition, synchronicity and blurred lines of magic and reality. It’s also  a perfect opportunity to check in with yourself emotionally. What does your inner child need at this time? Soon after, the Moon’s shift into Leo will accompany the Sun’s entrance into Aries, marking the New Astrological Year. Embrace the familiar fiery energy, Sagittarius. Let it inspire your confidence and clarify visions of your higher purpose. This is your city. Thursday brings a shift in momentum, as Venus kisses Saturn in Pisces. For you, this will prompt reflection (or feelings) on finding and building emotional sanctuary – whatever that may mean for you. Reflect on your values, relationships, and the spaces that bring you comfort and belonging. This will be a powerful time to solidify commitments that resonate with your sense of “home.” The end of the week brings “sky’s the limit” vibes as Venus harmoniously connects with your planetary ruler (Jupiter). This cosmic connection might just provide some desired clarity around your mission here. As a natural leader, over the next month your role in uplifting and supporting others may become pronounced. Are you ready?