Sagittarius, you’re transforming your world, from the inside out. You’ve just had a potent Pisces New Moon activating your sector of emotional healing and this was big. If existing within yourself feels a little strange or “new,” trust the process. On Monday, Venus will shift into Pisces deepening your journey of self-exploration for the next four weeks – and as you grow closer to yourself, you’ll be invited to make life shifts accordingly. This might mean changing the habits, patterns that shape how you move through the world. It might mean changes with new relationships, or shifts within existing ones. Either way, you’re adjusting life in a way that works best for you. Think: the way you eat, how you fill spare time, communicate, express – and so on. Chapters of intentionally going inwards might seem daunting (especially if you’re concerned about seeming selfish or too withdrawn from others), yet the universe is reminding you there inevitably will be times in your life where you’re called to just be with yourself, deeply. Think of every hero’s journey ever! There will be chapters where you may need to be less available to others, so that you can realign your life and come back brighter than ever. This may be one of them.