Dear Sagittarius, the first New Moon of the year unfolds in Capricorn on Jan 11th, activating your sector of health. This is almost a double New Year for you, given that you’re at the start of a new solar cycle. It’s the perfect time to pause, and tune into your body’s needs. You’re reminded that faster and stronger does not necessarily mean “better.” There’s a deep reservoir of self-love that can be accessed through acceptance of where you are, and self-nurturance. Pause to ask yourself “what do I really need right now?” And wait for the answers. Reconnect with nature, whatever that means for you, and try to elongate moments of peace. In the month of the year, you will be (in some ways) setting the tone for your entire 2024. How do you want that to look? Juno (the asteroid of long-term relationships) will begin its retrograde on Jan 12th, inviting you to examine the nature of your relationships, particularly in your work sphere. Perhaps there are ways that more reciprocity and mutual expansion can be achieved.