Dear Sagittarius, right off the bat we have some powerful and auspicious astrology this week. Uranus has just gone direct in Taurus, and on Monday we’ll see the planet of plot twists positively connecting with Mars in Capricorn. Depending on where you’re at, this might feel like a burst of inspiration, clarity around visions, or a wake-up call. Massive planetary signatures are catalyzing transformation and movement, and whether you’re riding that wave or not, is up to you. Pluto’s transit of the earliest degrees of Aquarius are inviting you into new ways of doing things, and broader perspectives. Notice the places where you feel rigid or stubborn, and breathe some flexibility into them. You have the power to transform your life, simply with your mind. How can you direct your thoughts, and the nature of your self-talk into expansive actions? Notice where you put limits on yourself, then practice leaning the other way.