Dear Sagittarius, trust that obstacles arising are perfect for your personal growth. This week we have equal parts chill, and challenging vibes. The pace will feel a little slower than the month so far, which will be welcomed by your nervous system. A square between your planetary ruler (Jupiter) and Mars, reminds you that sometimes your desires won’t align, simply because you’re not dreaming big enough. Trust and flow, lovely Sag. Your consistency is key. We wrap up the week with an extra burst of dreamy Lunar and Piscean vibes, which will be helpful for getting out of your head if overthinking has been an issue. It’ll feel easier to pay conscious attention to the nature of your thoughts, and to sift, dissolve and refine accordingly. How are the flavors of your self-talk? Could this dialogue be more self-loving? Or frequent? As one of the most fast-paced signs of the zodiac, you’re being invited to take in the gifts of slowness, and softness. Emotional and energetic hygiene is so important, and this includes releasing what’s not actually yours. Later in the week, when the moon (in your sign) harmoniously connects with Pluto, you may find yourself with an opportunity to overcome past fears. If it does feel within your capacity, go for it. The universe is right here cheering you on.