Dear Sagittarius, your visions are coming to life. Harmonious connections between Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Moon bring the week in with comforting vibes. Your inner world will probably seem more active than usual; so tasks like journaling, meditation or spending nature will feel particularly expansive. Whatever it is that connects you to you. Pay close attention to the universe’s whispers on Tuesday, where an auspicious sextile between the Moon and Uranus may bring unexpected blessings. With Uranus in Taurus, there’s a reminder here that even the tiniest of perspective shifts or happenings has the potential to change everything. You’re re-writing your future in every single moment, so use them wisely. Mercury enters Pisces on Friday, and here, shades of black and white become infinitely multi-layered. Understanding your thoughts and conversations will become more about reading between the lines, and it’s a wonderful time to tune into your gifts of creativity. We wrap up the week with a powerful Virgo Full Moon on Saturday. Activating your sector of long-term goals, finances and career – this one might feel a little less exciting than usual, but it can be profoundly motivating. Use this window to organize your life Sagittarius; identify your wants, needs, next steps, and anything that’s ready to be released.