Dear Sagittarius, the Aquarius New Moon vibes are still going to flow through this week, with Mars and Venus both joining Pluto. This is a time of new beginnings, new perspectives, opportunities and connections. If it doesn’t feel that way to you yet, give it a second. This week is all about moving energy, through acknowledgement of the inner and outer world connection. More than ever, you might be noticing a correlation between your emotional state, and what flows through in your life. This is the perfect opportunity to go inwards, using that Aquarian objectivity, to witness some of your deeper (and perhaps usually hidden) emotions. If that all sounds terrible to you, why not give journaling a go? Often, just putting pen to paper will be enough to let your subconscious flow – and as Pluto reminds us, the subconscious is often the seat of our desires. Getting familiar with the intricacies of what you want (and why), will be incredibly helpful in ensuring that you get there. The Taurus Half-moon on Thursday invites you to again explore that inner-outer connection, by tuning into the wisdom of your body. Ask your body what it needs; whether that’s more rest, hydration or to be moved – then make it happen. From there, indulging in self-love as the moon enters Cancer (Feb 18th) will feel not only necessary, but right.