Dear Pisces, offer yourself the kindness that you’re used to offering others. The New Moon is happening in your sign on the 10th, exact at 5:00 am EST, bringing in a new beginning to how you nurture your personal journey. Are you ready to recommit to yourself? Mercury is going through its last days in your sign as well, so in preparation for this New Moon and taking advantage of Mercury’s influence in your area of self-discovery, it’s important that you let the people know how you feel. Conversations, vlogs, and written statements are a way. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be through words. Find your own meaningful ways to reveal your inner self. Then as Mercury shifts into Aries, where it will be for the next two months, it ushers in a great time to get clear on your finances. Speak to others about how they go about their budgets. Come up with new business ideas or side hustles and go after them! Revamp your cash flow plan. Sunday’s New Moon wants you to pay attention to the projects, people, and events in your life that excite you. Feel into where your life wants you next. This is an exciting new beginning. Keep reinvesting your energy into what sustains you.